Ramiro Valdes, who led the Cuban delegation to Morales’ swearing-in ceremony, addressed thousands of Bolivian citizens and dozens of artists who met for the occasion in the Siles Suazo stadium, La Paz.

He told the audience that looking after Evo Morales is to look after the continuity of the transformation process taking place in their nation and at the same time is to continue defending the dignity of the native peoples, Granma reported.

Ramiro Valdes received a long ovation from the audience as he recalled Ernesto Che Guevara’s thinking and called the moment a highlight not only in the history of Bolivia but also in that of Latin America.

The Cuban official was previously introduced to the audience by Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, who also attended the celebration. “This man [Ramiro Valdes] comes from the Moncada [Garrison], the Granma [Yacht], the Sierra Maestra mountain range; this man is part of Fidel’s Revolution. Let us send a tight hug to Fidel from here,” Chavez said as he gave the floor to Valdes.

Another speaker received with an ovation was Ecuadorian leader Rafael Correa, who reiterated his country’s solidarity with Evo Morales and Bolivia and called to celebrate the waking-up of the native peoples.

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