For over one year, evidence has been mounting to the effect that Barack Obama is not a U.S.-born citizen and is constitutionally ineligible to hold the office of president.

Several legal actions have been taken on such grounds with a view to overturn his election, all of which have been judged to be inadmissible. To this day, Barack Obama has spent 950 000 dollars to avoid having to produce his original birth certificate.

The Republican Party has stayed out of the fray. All the more since its own candidate John McCain was not eligible for the presidency either (Senator McCain was born a U.S. citizen, but on a U.S. military base abroad and not on U.S. soil as required by the Constitution). Everything indicates that an agreement between the two major parties was reached before the presidential election.

By default, it is essentially extremist groups that have been agitating over this issue ... in certain cases flagrantly due to racism or anti-black discrimination.

Whatever the case may be, for over one year numerous associations have been attempting to establish Barack Obama’s exact identity. In this context, the publication of Obama’s registration document at the Catholic St Francis of Assisi school in Jakarta cast the first doubt: the boy is registered as an Indonesian citizen, listing his religion as Islam. However, since it does not constitute an official document, it is plausible that it was inaccurately filled out.

A new document, made public by ultra-conservative lawyer Gary Kreep, shows that Barack Obama benefited from a Fullbright scholarship to follow a two-year course at Occidental College (1979-80). It just so happens that such scholarships are awarded by the Department of State exclusively to foreigners. So, it’s either one of two things: President Obama is not a U.S.-born citizen and was therefore not eligible; or he was born in the United States and he made false declarations to unduly benefit from a U.S. State Department scholarship.