Ladies and Gentlemen,
Distinguished participants,

I thank the Almighty God for this opportunity provided for us in order to exchange our views on one of the most important issues of our common concern.

I also express my gratitude to all participants form other countries who arrived here to participate in this Conference. I hope our efforts will bring about fruitful results.

Motto of this conference is quite meaningful and if we have it realized we will be able to ensure sustainable peace and security for all.

Dear friends,

You know quite well that security is one of the main pillars in order for us to enjoy a dignified life. All nations and independent and peace loving governments are primarily seeking for peace and security. Without sustainable security and feel of safety making all out planning towards progress and welfare is not possible. Today in spite of the fact that huge part of the world resources are spent for provision of security rather than promotion of welfare, no sign of improvement of the situation in the matter of peace and security and removal of atmosphere of threat, is visible. On the other hand, in the past 60 years the Security Council and the UN have not been successful in the establishment of sustainable peace and security in the international relations to that extent that we can find present situation as more fragile as compare with the previous decades.

War, aggression, occupation and the last but not the least, stockpiling of nuclear weapons and WMDs on one side, and the most unfortunate practice of policies adopted by a number of expansionist powers on the other, have deteriorated the prospect of security at national, regional and international levels for all countries and nations to that extent that all society are suffering from the sense of threat and insecurity. Disarmament motto yet to be realized and IAEA have not been able to meet its responsibilities to this end. Nuclear, chemical and biological weapons arsenals are growing on daily basis and arms rivalry is developing.

What is the reason behind this unfortunate situation?
I think we shall seek the reason in the policies and acts of a number of expansionist and domineering governments; the policies and acts which include the following:

 1. Policy for manufacturing and using nuclear weapons
The first nuclear weapons were manufactured and used by the US Administration. This inhuman acts and measures, apparently led to the victory of the US and its allies in the World War the Second but they in fact caused further development of nuclear weapons by other countries and powers. As a matter of fact manufacture of nuclear weapons by a single country, by itself, provides the best pretext for developing of these weapons by other parties.

 2. Use of nuclear weapons as a preventive measure
This policy is the main reason behind development of arms rivalries because in order to enjoy preventive means every country needs to have quantitative and qualitative upper hand in possession of these weapons which brings about further rivalries in manufacturing of these dreadful weaponry.
You all know that today more than 20000 nuclear war leads exist in the world half of which belong to the USA. Out of this number there exist 2500 strategic war heads targeting vital sites in different parts of the world. Against US, its main rival also, under pretext of the preventive measure has had to develop its own nuclear arsenals.

 3. Threat of using nuclear weapons in the international relations
Unfortunately the US Administration has so far both used these weapons and threatened to use them. Another country from the Europe also made the same threat under a false pretext a few years ago. When other countries witness that those who possess these weapons are threatening others to use these weapons and at the same time enjoy the Veto Right in the most important focal point responsible to keep and safeguard international security, naturally they are encouraged to manufacture these weapon as well for their own security and safety.

 4. On sided and biased use of the Security Council and IAEA
Unfortunately this unpleasant and unjust behavior has been turned into a usual process due to its repeated recurrence. Now the Security Council has clearly turned itself into a tool for a number of bullying powers in order to push a head their policies and therefore until now it has failed to protect and preserve national rights and security of countries.
Justification made in the cases of invasions against Iraq and Afghanistan, the support for the Saddam regime in its invasion against Iranian nation and the Palestinian crisis are all proofs to this undeniable claim.
Instead of nuclear disarming nuclear weapon possessors countries, as its main philosophy, and helping other member countries to properly use the nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, as stipulated in Article 4 of IAEA Constitution, IAEA also unfortunately has been turned into a pressure tool against those member countries who do not possess such weapons depriving them from their nuclear rights.
Until now, none of the member states who do not possess nuclear weapons has been able to easily, without any pressure or threat, enjoy their legal rights to peaceful use of nuclear energy. This occurs while in spite of clear stipulation of Article 6 of IAEA Constitution, no report has been mentioned on the IAEA inspection to US and its allies’ nuclear sites and no plan has been adopted for their nuclear disarmament. But in return under false pretexts and due to pressure of the same nuclear weapon possessor countries, until now, tens of resolutions have been adopted against those members who wish to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

 5. Practice of multi standards policies
While the Zionist regime has stockpiled more than 200 nuclear warheads and raged several extensive wars and always threatening regional countries to terror and military offensive, it is still under absolute support of the US and its allies and it receives required assistance for further development of nuclear weapons. But the same powers, under false pretext for possible diversion of the peaceful nuclear activities of other countries, exercise heaviest pressures and launch propaganda ploys against other members of the Agency without provision of even single evidence. To justify this double standard policy they claim that the Zionist regime is not signatory to NPT.
Doesn’t this policy encourage others to leave the Agency and suspend their obligations within the relevant treaties?

 6. Inclusion of nuclear weapons and nuclear energy in a single category
You know that the nuclear energy is one of the cleanest and cheapest known energies in the world. Climate changes and pollutions resulting from fossil fuels and un-renewable nature of these types of fuels require us to consider use of nuclear energy more than ever before.
Besides, nuclear technologies can be widely and effectively used in production of medicines, medical diagnosis and treatment of hard-to-cure diseases as well as in industries and agriculture and many other areas.
The biggest treason committed by the nuclear weapon possessor countries is their policy for inclusion of concepts of nuclear weapons and nuclear energy in the same category. This occurs while they know quite well that the process for building nuclear weapons is quite different from the process to proper use of nuclear energy. They in fact wish to monopolize use of both nuclear weapons and nuclear energy for their interests in order for them to continue imposing their will upon the international community. But, whether this policy will not prepare the ground for further manufacture and development of nuclear weapons?

Distinguished friends,

Now it is clear that manufacture and stockpiling nuclear weapons and adoption of policies by the sole possessors of nuclear weapons is the biggest factors for creation of insecurity leading to further development of nuclear weapons. Destruction of nuclear weapons and removal of the nuclear threat serve the establishment of sustainable peace, security and friendship in the best manner.

Now we face this question that is it proper for us to leave the process of disarmament and non-proliferation to those who possess these weapons or not? As we can see, we have experienced something contrary in the past 60 years. Our expectation from nuclear weapons possessor countries in order for them to annihilate their nuclear weapons on voluntary basis is not logical and if we think it is practical we are so simple-mined. The reason lies in the fact that these countries and powers consider these weapons as the reason for their supremacy.

An Iranian expression says "A knife will never cut its own handle".
Our expectation for the establishment of security by those who enjoy the Veto Right and those who are the biggest exporters of arms in the world is quite illogical.

Distinguished colleagues,

With the purpose of realizing humanitarian goal of nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation I would like to present the following proposals:

 1. Establishment of an international independent group for making planning and supervising the process of nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation using all required authority granted by the UN General Assembly: The said group shall bring about effective participation of all independent governments and nations in the relevant management work.

 2. Suspension of membership of those who possess, use, or threaten to use nuclear weapons from IAEA and its Board of Governors: So far presence and pressure of these powers and their political domination over the Agency have prevented the Agency from carrying out its legal responsibilities especially with respect to Articles 6 and 5 of the IAEA Constitution diverting the Agency from its main task. Especially membership of the US Administration which has used depleted uranium in its weapons against Iraq, leading to development of incurable diseases inside Iraq and the region, in the Board of Governors shall be suspended.

 3. Reconsideration of NPT: The reconsideration shall be made by independent countries that do not possess nuclear weapons. In this respect presence of nuclear weapons possessor countries especially the US Administration prevents adoption of a just agreement or treaty. The US Administration itself is accused of unjustly manufacturing, proliferating and using nuclear weapons therefore it can not come out as a claimant in this respect. The new treaty or pact shall be just and powerful in order for it to be able to enjoy highest level of efficiency.

 4. Collective efforts for restructuring the UN Security Council: The existing structure of the Security Council is so unjust and inefficient being considered as one of the main supporters of nuclear weapons possessor countries. We think the Veto Right as an unjust and in human and non democratic privilege shall be cancelled. Otherwise and if its holders persist to continue enjoying it some other countries from Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia shall be included in the list of its holder countries with the purpose to reduce its adverse consequences restoring the least trust of nations in the Security Council.

 5. Establishment of a working group comprising the participating states for following up implementation of adoptions and the relevant proposals: The Islamic Republic of Iran as a country which enjoys peaceful nuclear technologies due to the efforts of its own scientists is prepared to provide other members of IAEA with all its experiences under supervision of the Agency. In spite of maximum cooperation with the Agency observing all our obligations even beyond the framework set by the Agency not only we have not enjoyed the least assistance of the Agency and technologies of other member states, but also we have been put under heaviest pressures in an unjust manner. Nevertheless we still firmly believe in the need to international disarmament and we are ready to actively participate in the management of the international disarmament process and adoption of new regulations in this respect continuing our cooperation with the Agency within the framework of relevant rules and regulations.

Distinguished Colleagues,

Now I want to address briefly the US statesmen and its allies. The US officials shall know that the era of nuclear bombs has ended. The threat to use nuclear weapons is made by those who lack clear logics and who enjoy good thinking. Resort to threat against strong logics belongs to the past and it lacks efficiency under current situation in the existing international relations. Threat to use nuclear weapons has just further defamed the US statesmen and revealed their inhuman and aggressive policies and nature. The present era is the era of nations, cultures and thinking and reliance on use of weapons in the international relations is the inheritance of those governments who lack real culture representing them as reactionaries.

Policies for dominating the Middle East and its cheap energy and natural resources have already clearly failed and the wishful thinking for reestablishment of empires are doomed to fail.

It is better for US statesmen not to follow the same route of their predecessors which belong to the ash-heap of history and join the pure currents of independent states and nations enjoying human-oriented culture and logics. This is better and more useful for them. They shall know that future belongs to nations and security, peace and justice will be established in the whole world by the help of the pure saviors and the perfect man away from bullying attitudes.

The Motto: "Nuclear energy for all, nuclear weapons for none" will be definitely realized through our empathy, cooperation and interaction.

Vassalmo Aleykom Va Rahmatollah Va Barakato