The success of the elections, to take place on April 25, will depend a lot on the quality of this test run, so the close to 150,000 members of polling stations will foresee every last detail, from the fitting-out of these places, with their patriotic symbols, to the ballot boxes and basic documents.

Thousands of compatriots, who will be responsible for communications; the flow of information to municipal, provincial and national commissions; the transportation of electoral authorities; the supply of participants with food; and other necessary tasks, will also play an active part in Sunday’s preparations.

The election test run includes mountainous areas and places distant from urban centers, where radio amateurs, pigeon breeders, and workers from the telephone system and Radiocuba will participate.

Over eight million people are expected to go to the polls on April 25, who will cast their direct and secret vote to choose those they consider should represent them before the government’s Municipal Assemblies.

The biographies and pictures of the 34,763 candidates to delegates of the People’s Power, recently nominated throughout the country, are on display in public places since March 28, so the people know the merits and experience of those who deserved that honor in each constituency and vote for the suitable persons for this post. The lists of voters are also on display in public places, so citizens with the right to vote can verify if their data are correct or if there’s an omission, and complain before competent authorities if necessary.

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