Newsweek picked a bad day for this, April 16, a sad date for anti-Cuba attempts because it involves the humiliation of an imperial power in the hands of a different society emerging in a small country.

Jorge Castañeda

The author is Jorge Castañeda, who is one of the Uncle Sam’s most faithful underlings, though born south of the Rio Bravo and who even at one time held the foreign portfolio in his native Mexico, a position he had to play with nationalistic spirit, which still many doubt.

The title of that article is “The End May Be Near” [1], and is mentioned at the bottom that the signer is Global Distinguished Professor at the University of New York and a member of the New America Foundation, to which now you have to add apprentice of prophet.

The article doesn’t offer a single new argument. It repeats the scenario of the last campaign against Cuba, using the phrases coined in a Langley lab or an office of the Prisa Group and repeats with Goebbels style “political prisoners, jailed relatives, hunger strikes movements, protest marches, martyrdom, defiance, authoritarianism ... "

A man who hates those who fight for the people and has not hidden to demonize Che or Fidel, Castañeda now tries to recognize achievements of the Cuban leader, of course, his goal is to create a gap between Fidel and Raul, another of the clichés made to be repeated.

At least he speaks some truth when he says “Since 1959, many lose when they bet on the end of the Cuban Revolution,” but he did not learn from other people’s mistakes and wanted to repeat the formula to ensure that “three elements indicate that Cuba came to a moment crucial” and
later he concludes with this succinct phrase: “Everything points to a very black future.”

To convince his readers, he adds some fantasy to his prophecy to utter the classic “rest in peace” to the Revolution:

“The fire is ready. It just needs a spark, but fire-fighters are exhausted and the last hope of the Cuban Revolution, based on Caracas, could collapse at any time. Circumstances are unprecedented in the history of the Castro regime, and could turn into just another flash or into the perfect storm.”

Whoever wrote the article is not important, but it is striking who published it: a magazine which is a member of the great American press, which responds to the real power, and tries again to prepare public opinion in his country and the world, about what supposedly happens in Cuba.

This is part of the strategy of aggression, with keen interest to put pressure on governments to siege Cuba, trying to offer an image of chaos and favoring blackmail policies of nations and regional pacts, in addition to court anti-Cuban groups to obtain funding for election campaigns.

The strain in the US-Cuba conflict might have been in the plans of the Obama Administration and although so far there were only gestures to fulfill promises made to voters in Florida, there are huge global efforts from the far right to leave everything as it is and hold Cuba responsible for the stalemate in the bilateral relations.

Suspiciously the Newsweek article was published the day after the survey on key issues of anti-Cuban policy, whose aim is to prolong the blockade, betting on the “biological succession”, understood as the natural demise of the historic generation and the assumption that the new breed is docile and therefore easily manipulable.

On April 15 an opinion poll was published in which 58 percent of Americans surveyed favored establishing full relations with Cuba and 61 agree with the removal of the ban on travel to the Cuba.

That same poll, conducted by Insider Advantage on behalf of Cuba Business Bureau (CBB), said that 57 percent of respondents believes that Washington should allow U.S. companies to do business in Cuban territory.

These results concern those who consider Cuba within the “axis of evil” and display a clear gap between people and power.

If there is one thing imperialists master is how to manufacture lies and return to the hackneyed formula of repeating it to turn them into “The truth.”

Then when time passes, the objectives are met and they declassify documents, and reality comes out, and you get to know the details of the hoax from the mouth of their authors; but these remain in the darkness of an archive and the media don’t turn them into news.

Everything stays at a simple mea culpa from those who are no longer in control, providing then the image of cleanness and democracy, thus achieving forgiveness from those cheated on, and with Anglo-Saxon stubbornness they return to make another similar fantasy that finds new
receptive ears.

Bay of Pigs is just an example: “the planes that attacked Cuban airports was a rebellion of their own armed forces, the 2506 mercenary brigade was not trained and financed by the United States and it was never planned to support the invasion with the U.S. military.” Even at the
UN they dared to deceive the world.

History repeats itself, now they are trying to “internationalize” the campaign considering that “the World” is one which is in favor of this, like the El Pais newspaper, one of the visible heads of the chicanery; and those who speak against it don’t exist, even when they are Nobel Prize winners, political personalities and prestigious artists.

The paid mercenaries within Cuba are “representatives of the suffering Cuban people” and who are facing them defending the work of the Revolution, are “hordes moved by the government.”

Well, in these times of good and bad terrorism, mercenaries disguised as political dissidents, criminals turned into martyrs and protest paid for, the option for Cuba was said by Raul in his latest speech:

“Cuba is not afraid of lies nor it will kneel to pressure, conditionings or impositions, wherever they come from, it defends itself with the truth, that always, sooner rather than later, will finally prevail."

Cuban Agency News
La Agencia Cubana de Noticias (ACN) es una división de la Agencia de Información Nacional (AIN) de Cuba fundada el 21 de mayo de 1974.

[1« The End May Be Near. Cuba is at a critical turning point », by Jorge Castañeda, Newsweek, Apr 16, 2010.