Míkis Theodorákis

My common sense tells me that none of this makes sense! I cannot explain and even less justify the vertiginous speed of our country’s collapse since 2009, to the point of having appealed to the IMF thereby surrendering part of our sovereignty and finding ourselves under foreign tutelage. I am baffled that no one has yet bothered to look into the most elementary aspect, i.e. our economic history with facts and figures, to help us ignorant people understand the real reasons behind this unprecedented free-fall collapse which has resulted in the loss of our identity coupled with international humiliation.

I hear talk about a 360 billion debt, while seeing at the same time similar or even larger debts in many other countries. Consequently, that cannot be the chief reason for our misfortune. What also disturbs me are the exagerated attacks against our country orchestrated by the international community, delivered with such near-perfect coordination against a country with such an insignificant economy that it becomes suspect in the end.

I have therefore come to the conclusion that there are some people who made us feel guilty and alarmed us for the purpose of steering us towards the IMF, which is a pillar of US expansionist policy, and all the talk about European solidarity is only a subterfuge to hide that the whole thing is purely a US initiative to sink us into an artificial economic crisis so that our people will be scared, will buckle under, will give up their precious possessions and will finally kneel down and accept foreign domination. But why? To serve which plans and objectives?

While I have been and remain an advocate of Greek-Turkish friendship, I am nevertheless wary of the sudden strengthening of governmental ties and the hurried contacts between ministers and other actors, the recent trips to Cyprus and Erdogan’s forthcoming visit. I suspect that lurking behind it all is Washington’s policy and ominous projects zeroing in on our geographical space, the existence of deep-sea deposits, the question of Cyprus, the Aegean Sea, our neighbours to the North and the arrogant attitude of Turkey ... the only hindrance being the mistrust and opposition of the Greek people.

Virtually all the countries surrounding us have hopped on the US bandwagon. We are the odd ones out, taking the blows without even realizing it, from the time of the Military Junta dictatorship and the 40% loss of Cyprus, to the mortifying controversy with Skopje (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) and the ultra-nationalist Albanians.

There is a design to destroy us as a people, which is exactly what is happening today. I defy the economists, the politicians, the analysts to prove me wrong. I don’t believe there can be another logical explanation in the face of the international conspiracy involving the pro-US Europeans like Merkel, the European Bank, the reactionary international media; together they took part in the grand coup of transforming a free people into a subjugated one. At least, I cannot come up with another explanation. I admit that I don’t have any specific knowledge or information, but what I am saying is rooted in common sense.

In any event, I should like to alert public opinion and point out that if my analysis is correct, then the economic crisis (which, as I said, was imposed on us) is only the first bitter bite of the Lucullian meal that will follow, involving next time key national issues, and I dare not imagine where it could lead.

I only hope I’m wrong.