It was important that the United States and the world knew what the Cuban people were thinking regarding the situation and Fidel called on what was known on the island as the March of the Combative People, which were rallies held in front of the US Interests Section in Havana and in the main cities across the island.

On May 17th of that same year, for all those that had any doubts, over 5 million people marched across the island as a firm confirmation of the Cuban people’s support towards the Revolution and the country’s leadership.

Over 1 million people marched in the largest rally ever held in the Cuban capital and the Malecon Seaside Drive in Havana trembled during 8 hours and 25 minutes.

The US Interests Section was guarded by unarmed Cuban internationalist combatants who, due to Washington’s fear on the security of the installation, preserved its integrity. The rally was held without any incidents reported, a clear demonstration of the people’s discipline and respect.

This was the second time that the Cuban people held a rally with the same magnitude; the first was in front of the Peruvian embassy, which was held to protest the US economic blockade against Cuba, the SR 71 spy flights that flew over the sovereign nation and the illegal occupation of the US Naval Base in Guantanamo.

Thirty years have passed and the Cuban people maintain the same demands and disposition in the face of the brutal policies imposed by the imperial power to the North.

The huge rallies across the island were an example of the Cuban people’s discipline, combativeness, and unbreakable unity and whose struggle against imperialism has gained revolutionary fervor and political consciousness. (By Angel Rodriguez Alvarez)

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