Barrios made a foul in her first attempt and her second would have been enough for the bronze medal (62.83 meters), but the third surpassed by 23 centimeters the leading throw that far, 64.67 meters belonging to world champion Australian Dani Samuels.

The Cuban took revenge from Berlin World Championships where the young and then inexperienced Australian beat her for the gold. Samuels could not react this time to the shock of being outmatched, and her fourth (and last) throw was her shortest (58.60)

The bronze medal was for the Croatian Sandra Perkovic with 62.33 in her first attempt, and three consecutive fouls.

Now Barrios accumulates 4 point in this Diamond League, while Samuels has 2 and Perkovic 1.

The 2010 Diamond League includes 14 stops and will conclude in August in Zurich and Brussels.

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