The Parliament of Turkey forcefully condemns the inhumane attack of the Israeli armed forces on May 31, 2010 on a humanitarian aid flotilla comprised of citizens of 32 countries, with a majority of Turkish citizens, that led to the death or injury of a large number of innocent people. Parliament wishes those who lost their lives to rest in peace, condolences to their families and a quick recovery to all those who were injured.

• This attack is an open violation of United Nations law and of international law.

• This Parliament awaits the United Nations Security Council to adopt a decision immediately that condemns and imposes sanctions on Israel. An independent international commission should be set up for this loathsome attack to be investigated in all aspects.

• The Israel government should officially apologize for this attack, make sure that those responsible for the incidents are tried and punished and pay compensation to the victims of the attack.

• Turkey shall apply to domestic and international judicial organs against Israel.

• Parliament expects the Turkish government to reconsider our political, military and economic relations with Israel and take the most effective measures necessary.

• Parliament greets with respect the rightful reactions of our people shown toward this attack.

• Parliament believes that such reactions will not turn into violence that might hurt our Jewish citizens in Turkey. The reaction shown against the Israeli government’s aggressive attitude should not target the nation of Israel.

• Parliament continues, as always, to be in solidarity with the people of Palestine and expects the inhumane blockade of Gaza and the embargo against it to be lifted immediately.