Mr Blair has multiplied his engagements since resigning from his post of British Prime Minister, on 27 June 2007, raking in revenues of more than 30 million dollars for counselling (J.P. Morgan and Zurich Finantial) and lectures (Yale University).

He concluded a partnership this week with a Silicon Valley investment fund, Khosla Ventures (which is also one of Wikipedia’s chief financiers).

Moreover, in an interview given to the Daily Mail on 5 June 2010, Saif al-Islam Khadafi divulged that Mr. Blair also worked for the Libyan Sovereign Wealth Fund and had become a close friend of his father’s, Guide of the Revolution Muammar al-Gaddafi.

If this allegation is correct, it raises several questions as to Mr. Blair’s policies when he was Prime Minister and to the contracts granted by Libya to Shell and British Petroleum.

Tony Blair’s spokesperson denied the allegation, stating that the former Prime Minister has no ties with the Libyan Investment Authority.

Mr. Blair is the special representative of the Middle East Quartet.