The CIA has just premiered its first documentary-fiction. It recounts the failed attempt by two CIA agents to smuggle out of China an uncovered CIA ethnic-Chinese asset. Their plane was shot down by Chinese troops; the two agents were captured and imprisoned for 20 years.

The CIA film includes interviews with Mr. Fecteau and Mr. Downey, and a re-enactment of their experience by actors. Part of the film spotlights the assistance provided by the CIA to their families during their long absence.

Titled Extraordinary Fidelity, the film was directed by Paul Wimmer, the author of a number of other documentaries on U.S. prisoners of war. He has also directed a propaganda film for the Defense Department, "Pentagon Under Fire", which recounts the official version of the September 11 attack on the Pentagon.

The CIA film will not be released to the public; it is for internal use only to boost the Agency’s esprit de corps.

In the past, the CIA participated in several Hollywood films and numerous television series, but it had never before officially produced a film of its own.