Novo Sampoll made those statements to CubaNews, a specialized bulletin coming out from Wheaton (Maryland), reported Granma newspaper.

He was, along his brother Ignacio, Gaspar Jiménez Escobedo, Pedro Remón, Dionisio Suárez, Virgilio Paz, Luis Posada Carriles and others, one of the bloodthirsty murderers the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) used against Cuba and other Latin American nations.

Novo Sampoll lives in Miami, benefiting from the impunity status granted to him by the FBI to Cuban American terrorists. He regretted they haven’t been able to kill the Cuban Revolution leaders, a feat they have tried for half a century, which he described as a “failure”

In other statements, the murderer dubbed as “weak” the so-called “dissidents movement” within Cuba which is sponsored by the CIA through the USAID

“They are kind of confusing, living under a constant brainwashing and have no exposure to other ideas” pointed out Novo Sampoll, who immigrated to the United States when he was 15, to rapidly enrol in anti-Cuba terrorist organizations.

In 2004, he and Posada Carriles, along two other terrorist were caught when trying to blow up a Panamanian theater full of students and social movements members that were there to attend a speech by the Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro. They were charged on terrorism. Later he was paroled by former Panamanian president Mireya Moscoso under pressures from the US government.

Gillermo and Ignacio Novo Sampoll made an unsusceful bazooka shot against
the UN headquarters in New York while Cuban Argentinean guerrilla Che Guevara was addressing the UN General Assembly.

He was also involved in the murder of former Chilean Foreign Minister Orlando Letelier on September 1976 in Washington DC, and also in dozens of criminal actions against Cuba throughout the world. He also killed two Cuban diplomats in Argentina as part of the Condor Plan.

While this terrorist walks freely in the US, René González, Ramón Labañino, Gerardo Hernández, Antonio Guerrero and Fernando González have been unjustly incarcerated since 1998.

These Cuban patriots were monitoring precisely Florida-based anti-Cuba terrorist groups that for over five decades have caused the death to thousands of Cubans and damages for millions of dollars to Cuban economy.

Their job was to alert Cuba of these criminal actions to prevent these groups from bringing death to both the Cuban and American peoples.

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