Nobel Peace Prize recipients after 9/11
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Shirine Ebadi

To increase pressure on Iran.
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Wangari Muta Maathai

To mount pressure against Kenya and other African states inching closer to China.
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AIEA et Mohamed ElBaradei

For having neutralized Hans Blix and cleared the way for the war against Iraq.
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Muhammad Yunus et la Grameen Bank

For cashing in on poverty by lending to the destitute at interest rates twice those of the market.
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GIEC et Al Gore

For having invented the millenium bug and legitimized the marketing of the environment and the trade of CO2 emissions.
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Martti Ahtisaari

For having derailed the negotiations with Serbia and justified the Kosovo war.
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Barack Obama

For having revamped the image of the United States while continuing its imperial wars.
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Liu Xiaobo

To increase pressure on China.