The leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, MC’d a one-day seminar on 15 February 2011 that focused on current world issues, notably the nuclear threat, the environmental crisis and famine, as well as the means available to revolutionary intellectuals to tackle them.

It was attended by 80 figures from South America, Africa and Europe, including Voltairenet regional representatives.

Sandro Cruz and Thierry Meyssan called on the Cuban and Iranian revolutionary mouvements to join forces at a time when the Middle East is simmering and the U.S. Empire has never been so debilitated.

A six-hour segment of the debates was broacasted on Cuban television and relayed by Telesur.

84-year old Commander Castro, in his first public appearance since the beginning of the year, kept lively and alert and was no more tired at the end of the day than the rest of his guests.

The Voltairenet Spanish section team is holding a regional meeting in Cuba; several interviews with official figures are on the agenda.

Photo : Roberto Chile / Cubadebate