Blatantly contradicting its public declarations, the French government of Nicolas Sarkozy had a hand in the crackdown against the Arab revolts, stated Thierry Meyssan in an interview with an Arab television channel.

• It was an Elysée presidential palace adviser, Alain Bauer, who had negotiated the aborted delivery of security equipment to Tunisia on the very day of President’s Ben Ali’s escape.

• It is again the DCI and Elysée adviser Alain Bauer that have supervised Bahrain’s police forces for the past two years and have organized the quelling of the uprising in the Emirate.

Security adviser to the president of the French Republic, Alain Bauer was formerly the number two of the external branch of the U.S. National Security Agency. He travels to Manama once a month.

(A dying Bahraini protester, photo : Manama hospital.)