The Council adopted the following conclusions :

"1. The Council expresses its concern at the present situation in Libya and condemns the gross and systematic violation of human rights, violence and brutal repression perpetrated by the regime against the Libyan people. It recalls the UNSC decision to refer these issues to the ICC. It confirms that the EU’s main aim is the protection of the civilian population and support for the possibility for the Libyan people to realise their aspirations for a democratic society. To this end Colonel Gaddafi has to relinquish power immediately.

2. The Council expresses its satisfaction after the adoption of UNSCR 1973 and underlines its determination to contribute to its implementation. It also welcomes the Paris Summit as a decisive contribution to its implementation. While contributing in a differentiated way, the EU and its Member States are determined to act collectively and resolutely, with all international partners, particularly the Arab League and other regional stakeholders, to give full effect to these decisions.

3. The Council has adopted today additional further restrictive measures against the Libyan leadership in the form of additional autonomous designations of person and entities with a view to preventing further funding of the regime. On the basis of the UNSC Resolution, the Council is working on the further strengthening of the measures with a view to their adoption ahead of the European Council on 24/25 March 2011.

4. The Council and the EU Member States will support actions provided for by UNSCR 1973 necessary to protect civilians and civilian populated areas under threat of attack. It notes that the EU will continue to provide humanitarian assistance to all those affected. The EU recalls its readiness to help Libya build a constitutional state and develop the rule of law.

5. The EU is ready to provide CSDP support to humanitarian assistance in response to a request from OCHA and under the coordinating role of the UN. Such actions will fully respect the UN guidelines on the use of military and civil defence assets (MCDA).

6. The Council asks the High Representative to develop further planning in accordance with UNSC Resolution 1973 and the European Council Declaration of 11 March 2011, on support for humanitarian assistance/civil protection operations including by maritime means for this purpose. This should be in close co-ordination and complementarity with the UN, NATO and others. As part of this process, the Council invites the High Representative to continue contacts with the UN Secretary General and countries of the region, including Egypt and Tunisia. This process should be undertaken as a matter of urgency in order to allow further consideration by the Council by the end of the week. It took note of the offer by Italy to provide OHQ.

7. The EU and the Member States underline once more their solidarity as regards those Member States most directly concerned by migratory movements and reiterate their readiness to provide the necessary support as the situation evolves, in line with the European Council declaration."