Nabil Al-Arabi, the Egyptian foreign minister, said on Thursday that Egypt would take a decisive decision rescinding the unjust siege on the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, adding that the decision would be taken within ten days.

"The humanitarian condition in Gaza is very miserable, inhuman, and I believe that the political decision to seal the Rafah crossing point was unethical and inhuman," Arabi said in statements he made in the capital Cairo Thursday.

He added that a political decision regarding lifting the siege on Gaza and opening the Rafah crossing point permanently will be taken by the new Egyptian leadership, underlining that matters in the Gaza strip will drastically change to the better.

Arabi’s statements were received well in Gaza and stirred an atmosphere of jubilance in the coastal Strip that had been under repressive Israeli blockade for the past five years that former Egyptian government of deposed president Husni Mubarak supported.

For his part, Dr. Yousef Rezqa, the political advisor of Palestinian premier Ismael Haneyya welcomed Arabi’s statements, describing them as "good news".

"We fully back the new Egyptian steps in this regard, and we are filled with hope that those statements will be translated on the ground in order to give chance to the besieged Palestinian people to get rid of the five-year old blockade," Rezqa said in reaction to Arabi’s statements.

He added that the signing of the Palestinian reconciliation on Wednesday in Cairo would help Egypt and the rest of Arab countries to rescind the unjust siege on Gaza.

"If Egypt indeed decided to break the siege then we can say that the blockade would end 100% because we pay great attention to our brothers in Egypt in this regard as we consider Egypt the center of the Arab backing that we had demanded in the past stage," Rezqa underscored.

Source: The Palestinian Information Center