A heated debate has unfolded about Barack Obama’s place of birth. Officially, the president was born a US citizen in the State of Hawaii, but numerous elements prove that he was actually born in Kenya under British rule. In that case, he would not be eligible for the office of the U.S. presidency.

Several lawsuits were initiated - in particular by Mr Philip Berg - calling on Obama to produce his birth certificate, but in vain. He systematically chose not to be represented in court and to pay a fine instead.

Having recently announced his intention to run for a second mandate, Barack Obama finally decided to dispel doubts by releasing the document on the White House blog on 27 April 2011.

That same day, US citizen Albert Renshaw posted on YouTube a video showing that by downloading the document in Pdf format then opening it in Adobe Illustrator software, it can be clearly seen that it was doctored. The different layers reveal that several entries were erased and written over.

Intrigued, we followed the exact same procedure, arriving at the conclusion that it is indeed a forgery, and a crude one at that.


Barack Obama’s false birth certificate downloaded by Voltaire Network.