Palestinians killed in Golan clashes

At least 12 people are reported dead following attempts by Palestinians to re-enter Israel on Sunday to mark Nakba – or ‘catastrophe – the 1948 founding of the Israeli state.

Four are reported to have been killed by Israeli security forces as they attempted to cross into Israeli occupied Golan from Syria.

All four are 15-year-olds, privately owned Al-Watan reported, with hundreds injured. Five Palestinians were arrested by Israeli forces, the daily added.

Quoting an official source from the Foregin Ministry, SANA said that Syria condemned Israel’s “criminal practices” against the people in the Golan, Gaza and south Lebanon, and said the source demanded that the international community hold Israel fully accountable for its practices.

"The Palestinian popular movement today is the result of Israel’s continued violation of the international legitimacy resolutions, usurpation of territories and rights and evasion of the requirements of just and comprehensive peace,” the source was quoted as saying.

Continued violence near Lebanese border

Elsewhere SANA reported two members of the army and security forces killed and 11 wounded as a result of a confrontation with “armed criminal elements” in the town of Telkalakh near the Lebanese border. Criminals and guns were seized, it added.

Al Watan denied other media reports that Syrians were attempting to flee the violence in the town across the border to Lebanon.

Residents fled to other neighbouring towns, it said, while the families of militants battling with security forces cross the border to Lebanon, with 500 arriving in the Lebanese town of Wadi Khaled.

It blamed Salafist groups in northern Lebanon for supporting the violence in Syria.

Quoting activists, the BBC reported that seven people had been killed in Telkalakh after shelling by Syrian forces.

The government has also postponed the deadline for people involved in recent protests and violence to turn themselves to May 22.

Syria Today (Syria)