Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega announced that his government does not recognize the Libyan rebels’ National Transitional Council (NTC) as the legitimate representative of the Libyan people and described NTC as "an instrument of intervention by NATO forces."

"We can not recognize it. There will have to be an understanding, agreement and decision of the Libyan people in an atmosphere of peace that can legitimize a government authority," Ortega said during a public ceremony in Managua.

Ortega described the Libyan case Friday night during a ceremony celebrating the 32 anniversary of the founding of the Army, held in a military facility in the capital of Nicaragua.

According to Ortega, NATO "should not be singing victory" because the region of the Maghreb is a very volatile political instability could spread into the African continent in favor of fundamentalist groups "who can benefit from conflict politicians. "

"NATO is doing there what is sown the wind and will reap the whirlwind. I do not know if it’s too late to calm the waters in the region because there is a real drunken warmonger" said Ortega. "They are in Libya. Now Syria is next, after that probably the Palestinians and Iran."

"NATO bombs and destroys a nation and tries to kill the legitimate leader of this nation, our beloved Brother Muammar Gaddafi", he said. "They seek to assassinate him who showed great solidarity with Nicaragua in difficult times."

He added that in their view, yet efforts must be exhausted for a peaceful solution to conflict in the North African country and urged Western powers to suspend the bombing and establish a dialogue between the rebels’ NTC and the legitimate Libyan government.