Thousands of people across the United States have protested against corporatism in the country on Saturday, which has been dubbed the "Day of Rage."

Activists said the protests were held in New York, Austin, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. The gatherings are inspired by the Tahrir Square protests in Egypt during the Arab Spring, when former Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak was toppled in the February revolution.

In an exclusive interview with Press TV’s US Desk on Saturday, freelance American writer Anna Lekas Miller said the US Day of Rage "could be a day where we see a paradigm shift or at least a major uprising and consciousness raising in New York City and across the United States."

The demonstration "is inspired by a lot of the protests from the Arab Spring," Miller added.

She also noted that "there’s so much corporate influence over politics, our politics that are really no longer for the people, although we’re technically a democracy, it’s very difficult to accept."

"If you look at history and you look at recent history, ancient history, even the middle road, this is what creates revolution and this is what causes everything," she said.

The US is grappling with a harsh economic uncertainty and high unemployment rate.

The jobless rates in 20 states were above the national rate of 9.1 percent last month, according to the US Labor Department.

On Friday, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg warned that there would be riots in the US streets if Washington would not resolve the unemployment issue in the country.

Source: PressTV