In its seventh online edition posted on 27 September 2011, Inspire, the official Al-Qaeda magazine in English, slams President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for sharing the same misgivings as Voltaire Network about the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Inspire lambastes Iran, in particular, and the Shiites, in general, for waging a superficial jihad against the United States and for failing to recognize September 11 as "the greatest special operation of all time", and as a victory for Al-Qaeda. It is to hide their hollowness that they would have decided to spread "conspiracy theories".

While on the subject, the magazine also attributed the Madrid and London attacks to Al-Qaeda, when even the Spanish and British courts have abandoned that version.

The problem is that, well before September 11, many specialists had already demonstrated that the CIA used jihadists labeled as Al-Qaeda to curb Iranian influence in the Muslim world. This was particularly the case during the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina, where the "Arab Legion" led by Osama bin Laden was supported by Washington to fend off the "Revolutionary Guards". With the ebbing of the September 11 myth, Inspire’s imputations could be taken as a sign that its sponsors are concerned about their diminishing ability to recruit new mercenaries to pursue their destabilization operations in Libya and Syria, and watch helplessly Tehran’s growing influence over the Arab revolutions.

Inspire is an online Pdf magazine first published in May 2010. It is reportedly edited in Yemen by Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), primarily aimed at British and US nationals who wish to join the combatants of Ben Laden. It has had two stable email addresses - yahoo and gmail - for a year and a half, allowing the CIA to monitor the underworld of jihadism.

This magazine was "discovered" by the International Terrorist Search for Entities (SITE). There is was no evidence of its existence until this Mossad-linked organization started disseminating it.