Syria will pass to the United Nations the names of 1,100 people that it said were killed by terrorists who received arms from neighboring countries, reports the Lebanese television Al Manar.

The reports quotes Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Al-Moqdad (photo above) in Geneva as saying that his country has been facing terrorist threats, and indicated that "in the coming few days we will hand in a list of 1,100 martyrs who were employees and police officers, who were killed by terrorists."

Al-Moqdad further clarified that members of the Syrian security forces have been martyred by armed bands who received weapons from Syria’s neighboring countries.

The Foreign Minister attended the session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

The official went on explaining that "throughout the last seven months my country has confronted various wars, including a media war as well as media deception and lies, and all sorts of threats."

He recalled the package of reforms that President Bashar Al-Assad had announced, and said that Syria needed more time for implementing it as "reforms cannot be done while Syrians are being killed on daily basis by extremist terrorist groups."

"We have received humanitarian activists and the international committee of the Red Cross, and this indicates that we have nothing to hide," he added.

On the other hand, Iran, Russia, Cuba, and China praised the reforms that President Al-Assad had pledged to implement including lifting the state of emergency and carrying out local elections, while Britain, France, the United States called Syria to end its "criminal acts against civilians".

Source: Prensa Latina