Responding to a call on the Facebook page ’My homeland, Syria’, over a million people rallied on 12 October 2011 in the 7 Fountains Square in downtown Damascus and in surrounding streets.

Participants gathered to express their support to President Bashar al-Assad in the face of the foreign aggression against their country. They also intended to thank China and Russia for having saved it from destruction by opposing their veto at the UN Security Council.

According to Western governments and their media, the Syrian government is out to stifle a popular revolution. Clashes have already left more than 3000 civilians dead. According to the Syrian government and its media, foreign armed groups, externally supported by Western countries and by Islamic extremists from within, are seeking to destabilize Syria.

The combats have killed over 700 civilians and 800 among the military and police forces. On 4 October, Germany, France, Portugal and the UK failed in their attempt to push a resolution trough the UN Security Council legalizing a war against Syria within thirty days. China and Russia denounced the West’s appetite for war after their intervention in Libya.