Libyan ex-PM Abuzed Dorda has suffered broken legs and other injuries following what relatives claim was a murder attempt by guards. The Libyan, meanwhile, says his wounds were sustained during an escape bid.

Dorda’s son-in-law, Adel Khalifa, wrote to the UN Security Council’s Nigerian president, U. Joy Ogwu, according to a web report by Foreign Policy magazine, which has a copy of the email.

Most of you may have known and dealt with Mr. Dorda during his tenure as Prime Minister of Libya,” the email reads. “We kindly request your help in dealing with this issue so that we can spare his life and guarantee his safety. This is a humanitarian issue. On behalf of myself, and his family, we appreciate any effort you put and thank you in advance.

RT spoke with the eldest son of Dorda and his nephew on condition of anonymity. Both confirmed the family’s concerns that he was thrown from the second floor of the prison by guards and severely beaten.

Abuzed Dorda’s brother Abdullah Dorda later confirmed the information.

However the Libyan media maintains that Abuzed Dorda jumped from the window in a bid to escape or commit suicide. To confuse matters further, Human Rights Watch say they visited Dorda two weeks ago and reported he was fine.

Dorda’s eldest son is extremely worried about his father and has accused Human Rights Watch of not doing their job.

Dorda’s close family has been told that he is in Tripoli’s Mitiga Hospital. However, they cannot verify the conditions in which he is being held as they are unable to go to the hospital due to security concerns.

Meanwhile, Adel Khalifa Dorda claims in his letter that “Dorda is not receiving the proper treatment duly and legally accorded a political prisoner, let alone that required under the terms of human rights and other international treaties.”

A former Libyan ambassador to the UN who also served as prime minister under Gaddafi, Dorda has a reputation as one of the least corruptible people in Libyan politics. He was arrested two months ago while holding the post of head of external intelligence. The arrest followed a freeze of Dorda’s financial assets imposed by the US and UN Security Council as they took action against Muammar Gaddafi’s inner circle.

His family believes Dorda is seen as a threat because many Libyan people still want him to be part of the future political process of the country. They also warn that if he is assassinated or continues to be treated inhumanely, it could create a backlash.

The news of Dorda’s injuries comes just days after some 300 bodies of alleged Gaddafi allies were found in Sirte raising concerns that the NTC is embarking on a series of political executions after the fashion of the Gaddafi regime they rebelled against.

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Source: RT