The 370 members of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China held their annual meeting on 15-18 October 2011. Very little leaked out, apart from the preeminence accorded to the cultural campaign called for by Li Changchun.

 "Safety culture"
From now on, China aims to shield itself from Americanization by building on its millennial history, its own cultural diversity and new technologies (over 500 million Internet users and 200 million bloggers). "The revival of the Chinese nation must go hand in hand with its cultural prosperity. The CCP must ple of all ethnic groups in their search for cultural achievement with complete confidence," states the adopted directive.

 "Cultural power"
Beijing also aims to increase its cultural exports to stave off U.S. hegemony. Its film industry, which has expanded considerably in nine years to the point of reaching a turnover of 1,5 billion ars annually, should be the driving force.

This new cultural campaign doctrine hails from the works of Professor Wang Yuechuan of the University of Beijing (author, in particular, Globalization and Chinese Culture and The Great Chinese Breath).

According to our sources, the Committee also discussed the first veto cast by China at the Security Council. It was allegedly decided to invest more heavily in the Middle East in the future, both to bolster Chinese interests and to counter U.S. influence.

The meeting was also an opportunity to kick off the campaign for the election in late 2012 of the 25 members of the Politburo. An election all the more important since 7 out of the 9 seats that compose the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau will be up for renewal.