Having long claimed that it participated in the fighting in Libya by only sending a few planes, Qatar admitted some ten days that it actually deployed hundreds of ground troops.

However, Voltaire Network has consistently reported a massive presence of Qatari ground forces (and to a lesser extent, Jordan). Qatar had built a small airport in southern Libya and used the one in Cyrenaica to transport its troops. It disembarked reinforcements in Tripoli when the capital was taken.

Moreover, Qatar shipped light tanks to Tunisia. Their landing was first thwarted by the people, and then coordinated by the Tunisian army. The crossing of the Libyan border by the column of Qatari armored vehicles was broadcasted on Libyan television.

Finally, Qatar organized an airlift to supply Al-Qaeda mercenaries with NATO weapons.

In addition, the Qatari television channel Al-Jazeera played a key role in the war propaganda campaign, going as far as to fabricate false studio images of the entry of the "rebels" in Tripoli.

Le Figaro journalist Georges Malbrunot, deemed to have close ties with French intelligence, has now advanced the figure of at least 5 000 Qatari soldiers who were engaged in the Libyan war.

5 000 foreign troops is not compatible with the version imposed by the Atlanticist media to the effect that a popular uprising took place against Gaddafi followed by an international humanitarian intervention. It is compatible instead with the Russian and Chinese media according to which "Unified Protector" was an imperialist war.

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