Herman Cain is advised on foreign policy issues by:
• J. D. Gordon
• Roger Pardo-Maurer
• Mark Pfeifle

John Huntsman’s advisers are:
Richard Armitage
• C. Boyden Gray

Newt Gingrich has selected a strong team, mostly hailing from the American Foreign Policy Council (AFPC) or having served within the US intelligence community. Once the bulwark of support for the Contras in Nicaragua, AFPC’s new line is to denounce the dangers posed by China, Iran and Islam.

• Norman A. Bailey (associated with the BCCI scandal) (President of the Institute for Global Economic Growth and vice-chairman of The Americas Forum)
• Ilan Berman
• Robert "Bud" C. McFarlane (former national security adviser to Ronald Reagan, currently director of the British mercenary company Aegis)
• Kenneth deGraffenreid (Institute for World Politics)
• Pirchner Herman, Jr.
• Stephen Yates (DCI Advisory)
R. James Woolsey (former CIA director under the Clinton Administration)
• David Wurmser (strategist and propagandist for WINEP and AIPAC).

Mitt Romney is being advised by:
Michael Chertoff (Former Secretary of Homeland Security)
Norm Coleman (former Senator)
• Michael Hayden (former CIA director under Bush Jr.)
Robert Kagan
• Jim Talent (former Senator)
Walid Phares

Ron Paul has chosen:
• Bruce Fein

Rick Perry will be counseled by:
John Bolton
• Liz Cheney (daughter of former Vice President Cheney)
• Victoria Coates

Rick Santorum’s picks are:
• Mark Rogers
• Randy Schriver