• The Syrian National Council called a general strike to prevent the militarization of the conflict; in other words, to avoid being outflanked by the Free Syrian Army.

• France and the United States warned of an imminent attack by the Syrian army against the people of Homs. According to the spokesman of the National Syrian Council, the Alawite population was evacuated from the city ahead of the carnage.

• The press now recognizes that armed gangs are terrorizing the population and attempting to provoke a civil war. But it denies that such abuses are the work of armed gangs trained abroad, saying they are in fact perpetrated by the militias of Bashar al-Assad. However, it is difficult to understand why a government would want to have a civil war on its hands.

• The Anglo-American press insists that the regime has lost hope and wants to withdraw into an Alawite State. It fails to point out, however, that it is the flag of the pro-US opposition that features three stars representing three ethnic states.

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