There are different types of "smart bombs" used by what Les Leopold aptly defines as the “Wall Street secret government,” the powerful financial oligarchy that controls the State. [1]

First come the propaganda bombs that strike the brain, blur our vision and make us see things that don’t exist. They are currently massively employed to fog the reality of the crisis, to convince us that it is caused by public debt and that, in order to save us, we must make tough sacrifices by cutting back on social spending. Government debt is, however, a consequence, not a cause of the crisis. It stems from the very functioning of the financial market, dominated by powerful banks and multinational corporations. Just think that the value of shares listed on Wall Street and on the European and Japanese stock exchanges, exceeds that of all the goods and services produced annually worldwide.

Speculative transactions carried out with enormous capital create an artificial increase in the price of shares and other securities that do not correspond to an actual growth of the real economy thereby creating a "speculative bubble" which eventually bursts and causes a financial crisis. At this point, the States intervene with a "rescue" operation, pouring taxpayer money (thus increasing the debt) into the coffers of the major banks and private financial groups that caused the crisis.

In the U.S. alone, the last "rescue" amounted to more than 7 billion dollars, ten times more than what has been officially declared. How this happened can be explained by the fact that the presidential candidates are funded - through "donations" or in other ways - by the big banks, including Goldman Sachs, and that the Obama administration, as soon as it took office, appointed trusted people to key positions, who are members of the Trilateral Commission. The very same one where Mario Monti, an international adviser to Goldman Sachs and now head of the Italian government, sits as President of the European group.

It should not be surprising if the Wall Street secret government is also using real "smart bombs" to advance its interests. It is no coincidence that the recent wars, conducted by the United States and NATO have "intelligently" targeted states located in oil-rich areas (Iraq and Libya) or in a crucial regional position (Yugoslavia and Afghanistan).

States such as Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, which threatened to abandon the dollar and sell its oil in euros and other currencies, or as Gaddafi’s Libya, which was planning to create a gold dinar to compete with the dollar and was promoting autonomous financial institutions within the African Union, whose development would have reduced the influence of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

For similar reasons, Syria and Iran are now targeted. Crisis and war are two sides of the same coin. For, war increases military spending which weighs on the public debt, thereby generating additional sacrifices. According to SIPRI, Italy has reached an annual military spending of 28 billion euros: roughly the cost of the financial maneuver that will be footed by the vast majority of the population. But one doesn’t not talk about. Wall Street bombs are really smart.

[1Wall Street ’secret government’ outed”, by Les Leopold, Voltaire Network, 6 December 2011.