On Monday, Damascus signed agreement with Arab League (AL) to allow AL observers to monitor months-old anti-government riots. This will open a flood-gate for Zionist-controlled western press to fabricate more anti-Assad propaganda lies through their embeded observers.

The Russian resolution at the UN Security Council that explicitly excludes armed action against Syria in calling for an end to violence there. It demands that both the government and anti-government militias to stop fighting. The resolution has spoiled Saudi Arabia-Qatar-Kuwait plan to use western Arab League (AL) puppet and prepare ground for a Libya-type war to remove and kill Bashar al-Assad as was done to Qaddafi a few months ago.

The AL meeting in Riyadh on December 18 has seen an erosion of unity against Syria after the introduction of the Russian draft resolution. Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are threatening that on Dec. 21, the Arab League plan for observers, special courts to try Syrian army officers, and amnesty for the opposition will be taken to the UNSC for approval as a binding UN resolution. This would be the next step in moving for a NATO-type military action against Assad as was pushed by Qatar to overthrow and murder Libya’s Qadaffi.

Professor Igor Panarin, a prominent Russian research analyst has blamed pro-Israel British-American elites for playing a leading role in media campaign against Assad-regime. Panarin identifies that the British-American plot against Syria, including the use of the Arab League to isolate Syria (from Iran, Lebanon and Hamas) – follows precisely the “scenario’” used against Libya. He also exposes that “the BBC and Qatar’s supposedly independent Al-Jazeera channel (which in reality is a pro-Zionism Arab propaganda network) led the way in providing media support” against Libya, and Syria.

Thierry Meyssan, the French investigative journalist, has reported that the casualty figures cited by the UN Human Rights special commission accusing Syria of civilian massacres are “fabricated evidence”. The evidence that Syrian security forces killed 5,000 peaceful protesters, comes from a Zionist-funded London-based human rights organization called Observatoire Syrien des Droits de l’Homme (Syrian Observatory of Human Rights), which falsified many of the names.

Professor Michel Chossudovsky (University of Ottawa, Canada) in an article entitled Syria: Who is behind the protest movement?, published in Global Research on May 3, 2011, wrote:

There is evidence of gross media manipulation and falsification from the outset of the protest movement in southern Syria on March 17th.”

Former FBI translator, Sibel Edmonds, in an interview with Russia Today (RT) on December 16, had claimed that Washington is arming the anti-government rebels in Syria. Watch the video below.

Both former CIA agent Robert Baer and ex-MI6 officer Alastair Crooke point out that the Syrian people definitely want change, but not in the form of a NATO “humanitarian” assault.