• The French papers are alluding more and more often to a Syrian expert living in Paris: Salam Kawakibi. He is presented as a researcher at the Arab Reform Initiative, shrouding the fact that he is the deputy to Bassma Kodmani, the spokesman of the Syrian National Council.

• It seems that all the reports on the Free Syrian Army that have come out in the past month originated from the same village, purported to be on Syrian territory next to the Turkish border. All correspondents who visited the area had to pass through a Turkish government office acting as a tour operator.

• According to the Beirut Daily Star, Lebanese army Chief of Staff General Jean Kahwagi said that many of the alleged Syrian refugees who have clustered in the Lebanese village of Arsal, are actually Al-Qaida fighters. General Kahwagi sought the approval of the Lebanese Council of Ministers to intervene before the country finds itself in a position comparable to that of Nahr el-Bared (where the army lost 163 men in 2007).

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