Russia will prevent the UN Security Council from adopting a resolution on foreign military intervention in Syria.

The warning came from Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during a press conference in Moscow on 18 January 2012.

He deplored the fact that the western countries are trying to drop the provision on the "non-use of force" from the Russian draft resolution on Syria:
Our Western partners are pursuing a unilateral approach to the problem: they insist that a UN Security Council resolution draft proposed by Russia should not contain a ’non-use of force’ clause.”

Responding to a question from Bloomberg Agency, he pointed out that plans to create a no-fly zone in Syria had been reported mainly by the media.

Russia is strongly opposed to any outside armed interference in internal conflicts, Lavrov stated.

Supplying arms to rebels and extremists in Syria is unacceptable:
"It is a well-known fact, which is not denied by anybody, that rebels in Syria have been receiving arms to seize power…
This is unacceptable and absolutely counterproductive as it only stirs up tensions there, while Russia is strongly opposed to any violence in Syria, no matter who stands behind it

He called for an immediate end to violence in Syria, as well as for launching an intra-national dialogue there, saying that Russia is prepared to host talks by all parties to the Syrian conflict.

Mr. Lavrov stressed that Russia did not violate any international laws in its arms sales to Syria:
Concerning the statement made by the US Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice. She voiced concern over the fact that some vessel, Chariot, if I am not mistaking, was offloaded at a Syrian port. I heard that she even had requested some explanations.
We do not think that any explanations are needed here. We do not want to look for any excuses. Because we do not violate any international laws, any resolutions of the US Security Council. We are engaged in trading with Syria because it is not prohibited by the international law

Russia calls for political settlement in Syria and the “immediate start of the all-inclusive national dialogue”, the Foreign Minster told the press conference, stressing that this position is also supported by China and other state of BRICs.

Mr. Lavrov confirmed that Russia welcomed the Arab League observer mission to Syria.

Source: The Voice of Russia