• The call by the commander of the Free Syrian Army for international military intervention shows conversely that the armed opposition realizes it will be unable to seize power on its own.

• The French Christian intellectual Michel Kilo in Le Figaro urges civil society "to overthrow the Syrian dictatorship." He alleges that if the opposition continues its protests, the repression will cause at least 46,000 deaths. Moreover, he acknowledges that the Free Syrian Army has no chance of winning against the National Army, that most leaders of the National Council lived in exile for a long time and are unknown to the people, and that the "revolutionaries" have yet to rally the people to their cause.

• In the Jerusalem Post Ray Hanania wonders how Assad can claim to be the champion of the Palestinian cause when he oppresses his own people? As the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Switzerland), it noted that Syria is indeed the country where the Palestinian refugees are best integrated.

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