• In Le Figaro, Professor Mohammed Ayoob observes that Turkey’s determination to keep its roots in NATO while extending its influence in the Arab world has her vying with Iran. It is this rivalry that would explain Ankara’s policy shift vis-à-vis Damascus.

• After Le Temps (Switzerland), it is the turn of Libération (France) to give a voice to former Arab League observer Anwar Malek, despite the disrepute he has gained in the Arab world.

• In Marianne (France) the commentator and former Israeli ambassador Elie Barnavi affirms that Eastern Christians are doomed to disappear: they hang on to the Syrian dictatorship which protects them, but they will be swept away along with it.

• In Gulf News, Dr. Marwan Kabalan noted that Syria is still far from a civil war as rebel-controlled areas are limited to a few pockets and the entire security system is solidly behind the government. However, he continues, the crisis lays bare the endemic weaknesses of society, including the prevalence of family and faith bonds over those of citizenship.

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