Le Monde journalist Marie Jego considers that if Russia supports Syria, it is because of her disdain for human life and that Putin is a remnant of Cold War paranoia.

• Mani, the Le Monde special envoy to Homs, attests that the "horrible massacre" was caused by a bombing by loyalist forces against the district of Khaldiyé. However, without fear of contradiction, he admits that the roadblocks in this sensitive area are manned ... by loyalist forces.

• In Le Figaro, Malbrunot commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Hama massacre (1982). Unlike his colleagues, he provides the context, but he omits to mention that he was in Hama at that time acting as French military intelligence agent liaising with the putchists.

• In Bremen, the German Greens are launching a fundraising campaign for the Syrian revolutionaries, dubbed "Adopt a revolution," reports the Tageszeitung.

• In the Corriere della Sera, journalist and nevertheless CIA collaborator Guido Olimpio draws a parallel between the announced visit of Sergey Lavrov to Damascus and the one that Yevgeny Primakov had paid to Saddam Hussein (1991). At the time, the Russian envoy had gained the confidence of the Iraqi leader to facilitate the international military intervention.

• In Il Giornale, the Vice-President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies and major figure of the pro-Israel lobby in Europe, Fiamma Nirenstein, is concerned about the trivialization of the Muslim Brotherhood.

• In ABC, Daniel Iriarte is puzzled over the mystery of Asma al-Assad. Could the first lady, who made such a wonderful in Europe, be the accomplice of her murderous husband, or is she his prisoner?

• The Sunday Telegraph reports that Syria has released the mastermind of the 7 July 2005 attacks in London. Of Syrian origin, Mustafa Setmarian Nassar was allegedly one of Osama bin Laden’s companions. He has already been indicted for complicity in the attacks of September 11, 2001 in the United States, those of 2004 in Madrid and 2005 in London. Kidnapped by the United States, he was allegedly sequestered at Guantanamo or Diego Garcia, and extradited to Syria - although there is no evidence of this -, and recently released.

• The Times of India reports that New Delhi stopped supporting Damascus once it had decided that the theory of a foreign infiltrated subversion was pure fiction.

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