Activists say that “the Syrian operation in Homs” is about to end after the Syrian Army took back the control over many neighborhoods of the city.

Activists: last night, 200 insurgents surrendered themselves and 300 others got arrested in Baba Amr neighborhood; 150 insurgents surrendered themselves in Al-Khaldia and Al-Bayada neighborhoods.

A sniper positioned on a roof of a house in Al-Khaldia neighborhood got killed last night after clashes with the Syrian Army; activists say that armed rebels are booby-trapping the streets of the neighborhood.

An armed attack on an officer’s house happens in Al-Ksair area.

Armed rebels burn hay storages located nearby the central prison in Daer Ba’alba neighborhood; others shoot on Al-A’mmaley hospital and cause material damages.

A video shows gunmen announcing their dissent from the Syrian army and the formation of Abo Kasim battalion in Bab Draib and Al-Fakhoura neighborhoods.

Clashes between armed rebels and the security force take place in Al-Soukhna area of Palmyra which led to the death of a security man, the injury of 3 others, the death of a civilian and the arrest of 10 rebels; a weapon and bombs cache is found in a house

Explosions happen in Karm Al-Zeitoun neighborhood and shooting happens in Bab Al-Sbaa’.

Activists: Job Jandali, Al-Bayada and Al-Nazheen neighborhoods get raid; gunmen and snipers get arrested after the death of Alio A’lian and Kamel Al-Saleh by snipers in Job Al-Jandali neighborhood.

Armed rebels attacked a security checkpoint last night in Al-Wa’er area which resulted in the death of the security man Dorzey Al-Soleh and the injury of another.

An armed attack on a police vehicle takes place nearby Shanshar exit and leads to the death of 6 policemen, the death of 3 gunmen and the injury of 2 others.

Armed rebels fired RPGs on Al-Watani hospital last night and on Al-Mhajreen neighborhood; others fired on a military vehicle and wounded 2 security men.

One death and 3 injuries happen in Job Al-Jandali neighborhood due to snipers’ shooting.

The child Abd Al-Rahman Refaa’ey gets wounded by snipers’ shooting in Al-Mraija neighborhood.


Armed rebels shot on a transportation vehicle in Mork area last night and killed 2 security men.

Head covered rebels highjack 3 trailers loaded with wheat nearby A’kairbat town.

Officer Jamil Saleh Shehada was kidnapped from Al-Latamnah village of Hama countryside last night.

An anti-government gathering estimated by 250 people takes place in Taiba Al-Emam town.

Clashes between gunmen and the security force take place in Bab Kabley neighborhood and lead to the death of 3 gunmen and the injury of 2 others.

Anti-government activists say that the military security unit of Al-Skailbiah gets attacked by RPGs.

Shooting and explosions are heard in Al-Hamedia, Al-Kossour and Al-Hersh neighborhoods.

A video shows a number of people claiming to be Officer Mohammad Ebrahim Al-Masrie, Mostafa Rajab, Ahmad Shaikh and Helal Othman and announcing their dissent from the Syrian Army and their enrollment in the Free Army Militia.

Armed rebels shoot on a transportation vehicle on Kafr Al-Toun – Tal Sekkin road in Hama countryside which results in the death of 4 people and the injury of 3 others.

4 explosion devices get dismantled in Hama; one of them was placed on the train railway and the other 3 were placed on Hama – Khetab road.

Internet websites broadcast a video of soldiers announcing the formation of “Al-Hamzah” battalion in Hama countryside.


Abd Allah Mahmoud Sabbouh gets killed in Marat Al-Nouman area during clashes between insurgents and security force.

Armed rebels assassinate the general attorney Nedal Ghazal, the judge Mohammad Ziadah and their driver nearby Hosam Hejazi School located in Al-Dabeit neighborhood of Edlib.

3 explosion devices, each weighs 25 kg, are dismantled in Marat Al-Nouman area; a forth one explodes while a military vehicle was passing by the area and injure an office and 2 security men.

Clashes between insurgents and security force take place on Jabal Al-Arba’een road in Areha area.

Basel Noufal Al-Hsain, the son of Brigadier Noufal Al-Hsain the chief of the military security of Edlib, gets kidnapped.

Anti-government gatherings occur in Khan Shekhoun, Marat Al-Nouman and Taftanaz areas; anti-government activists talk about a security spread in Jeser Al-Shoghour area.


Activists: a security spread happens in Al-Marja neighborhood.

Mohammad Moustafa Al-Daka gets killed in Al-Atareb area of Aleppo countryside; anti-government activists accuse the security force of his death.

Moustafa Tahhan’s funeral takes place in Ratyan town of Aleppo countryside and turns into an anti-government gathering.

The military operation contentious in Al-Atareb town and anti-government activists talk about deaths and injuries.

Anti-government gatherings take place in Tal Rafa’at area of Aleppo countryside; others take place in Al-Sakhour, Al-Marjah and Al-Shaikh Maksoud neighborhoods.

Abd Al-Kader Ahmad Mohammad’s funeral takes place in Al-abzemo area and turns into an anti-government gathering.


Syria withdraws its ambassador in Cairo after Egypt withdrew its ambassador from Damascus.

Iraq decides not to invite Syria to participate in the Arab summit taking place in Baghdad.

The minister of electricity Mohammad Khamis states that the service will witness a marked improvement early next week.

Activists: head covered people burn tires in Barzeh neighborhood and the security force closes Tashreen military hospital.

Samer Khateb’s funeral takes place in Al-Mazzeh neighborhood on this morning; he had died of a bullet in his side fired from nearby.

Funerals of 12 soldiers and security men initiate from Damascus and Lattakia’s hospitals.

Pro-government activists deny what the opposition pages had posted on the so-called “the Civil disobedience” and broadcast videos to prove that life is normal in Al-Kaboun, Harsta, Jdaidet Artouz,Al-Soumariah, Al-Shaikh Saa’d, Al-Mazzeh highway and Baghdad street areas.

Damascus Countryside

Anti-government activists talk about explosion was heard in Douma area coming from Masraba town.

A number of wanted people are arrested in Al-Ghouta Al-Sharkeya area and their weapons are seized.

5 people get arrested in Al-Ma’ddamiah neighborhood under the charges of participating in unlicensed demonstrations.

An evening anti-government gathering occurs in Al-Touba mosque located in Zamalka town of Damascus countryside; others occur in Douma, Al-A’saley and Barzeh neighborhoods.

Masked anti-governments cut off the road in Al-A’saley neighborhood for the so-called “the civil disobedience Sunday”.

Deir Al-Zour

Anti-government activists: a raid takes place in Al-Kouria area and 8 people from the opposition get arrested.

Shooting is heard nearby Ghassan Abboud roundabout.

A video shows gunmen forming “Al-Saddek” battalion in Daer Al-Zour.

An anti-government gathering takes place in Albo Lail town.


Shooting is heard in Kharbat Al-Ghazalah village and in Al-Hara area.

An explosion is heard in Daa’l area and shooting between the security force and insurgents happens in the same area.

A video shows the Free Army militia burning a security vehicle in Basr Al-Harer area.

Anti-government gatherings occur in Al-Hara area and Al-Sanamain town.


An anti-government gathering occurs in Amouda area; the security forces disperse a gathering in Al-Ghweran neighborhood.