Prime Minister Vladimir Putin who is likely to win the forthcoming presidential election has spoke out on the country’s democracy in the future.

At a meeting on 22 February 2012 with the commanders of the divisions and brigades of the Russian armed forces, Putin said that it was important for the authorities not to allow foreign countries to interfere in Russia’s internal affairs and to prevent the “orange scenario” from implementation.

The Prime Minister described the development of democracy in Russia as a “vaccination against exporting Orange Revolution into the country”. He presented Libya as a classic example. According to Putin, the ousting of Muamar Kaddafi resulted in tribal score-settling in the country. The Prime Minister believes that Russia should not be a stage for an exported “Orange Revolution”. To this end, there is a need to promote democracy and strengthen public involvement in decision-making. In this case, the opposition plays a significant role if it acts within the frame work of legislation and is independent of the West.

The Presence of a legal opposition is crucial. Any political campaign linked to elections shakes the situation and this is happening in each and every country. Unfortunately, we have some people who are ready for anything to achieve their political ambitions, and unfortunately, often these ambitions are fed by foreign powers. This is a simple fact. Many countries in the world, including the leading democracies safeguard themselves from foreign interference in their internal affairs, especially in political affairs. I believe that we must take an example from these countries and analyze everything and apply what is necessary without fail. But this does not mean that we must roll up the institutions of democracy and some one must monopolize power in his hand. The choice should always remain in the hands of citizens,” Vladimir Putin said.

According to Vladimir Putin, Russia is not interested in interfering in the affairs of other countries, including neighbours. The Prime Minister described the “Export of Democracy”, which is praised by western politicians, as a counterproductive phenomenon.

Source: The Voice of Russia