Clashes between the security force and insurgents, who had attacked a security checkpoint, take place nearby Al-Daia’a village and result in the death of 3 insurgents.

5 gunmen die after they attack a security checkpoint located in Al-Bayyada neighborhood.

Shooting and explosions happen in Baba Amr and Al-Khaldia neighborhoods.

Armed rebels get killed whilst attacking a hospital located in Al-Ksair area; explosions happen near the hospital as well.

Armed rebels kill Ryad Sleman Hamdan who is known for his loyalty to the government in Al-Ksair area.

A bombing device explodes on Shanshar road while a security vehicle was passing by; a security man gets serious injuries.

9 injuries of security men arrive to the military hospital of Homs after the clashes happened in Baba Amr neighborhood.

Mortar shells and RPGs are fired on Al-Sabeel and Wadi Al-Thahab neighborhoods; no causalities recorded.


3 armed rebels get killed and others get injured while they were trying to place a bombing device on a train railway located nearby Mhambal village of Edlib countryside.

Armed rebels attack the train station of Mhambal area and steal its equipments.

Unknowns kidnap 11 policemen in Salkeen, Kafr Nobl and Al-Zaweyah Mountain areas of Edlib countryside.

Head covered gunmen attack 2 oil reservoirs in Al-Ma’ara area.

A security man dies, 17 others get injured and insurgents get killed due to clashes take place in Sarak area of Edlib.

Armed rebels attack the central prison of Edlib, kill 5 officers and kidnap 5 others.

An anti-government gathering estimated by 50 people occurs in Madaya village of Edlib countryside.

Ahmad Mahmoud Kadhnoun’s funeral takes place in Sarmeen town of Edlib countryside and turns into an anti-government demonstration.


Clashes between the security force and armed rebels take place in Al-Hamedia neighborhood; weapons, bombs and RPGs are seized in the same area.

Insurgents die during clashes with the security force in Al-Hader area and their weapons get captured.

Armed rebelsbroadcast a video state in it that they have destroyed a security checkpoing in Taiba Al-Emam village.

Residents of Al-Latmanah and Al-Toffaha villages joined in an anti-government rally estimated by 400 people in Al-Latmanah village.

Activists: insurgents clash with others over stolen goods in Al-Tarmiesa town which results in 4 deaths and 3 injuries.

2 bombing devices places by armed rebels nearby a school in Kafr Nbouda town explode which results in deaths and injuries.

Jamal Abd Al-Rahman is released in Taiba Al-emam town after he was arrested for 5 days.


Activists talk about the death of insurgents from different nationalities, one of them is a French sniper.

Baneen Dara’a Al-Balad School is burnt; no specific reasons yet.

Explosions and shooting were heard in Dara’a Al-Balad and in Al-Hara town of Dara’a countryside on this morning.

Damascus Countryside

A cache and tunnels used by armed rebels for arm smuggling are found in Harasta area; weapons, RPG shell and 4 bullet vests are found in a farm located in the same area.

Activists: 3 gunmen get killed after the security forces raid a house located in Bloudan town.

Colonel Monther Al-Ali and 4 soldiers die due to clashes between the Syrian Army and the Free Army Militia in Al-Zabadani area.

Communication services are disconnected in Arbeen town and shooting was heard last night in the town.

Armed rebels get arrested; weapons they hid in a farm located in Zamalka town are seized.

Deir Al-Zour

3 people get arrested in Bakrous and Al-Bala’oum towns under the charges of organizing unlicensed demonstrations.

Shooting is heard nearby Ghassan Abboud roundabout.

An anti-government gathering estimated by 70 people takes place in Al-Tayyanah town; another one estimated by 50 people occurs in Albo Kamal area.

Clashes between the security force and insurgents take place in Al-Hasrat village and lead to the death of 2 insurgents and the capture of their weapons.


Activists: gunmen with their weapons and bombs get arrested in Salmah village.


Gunmen shoot to death Mohammad Ahmad Aouf Sadek, the Shaikh of Anas Bin Malek mosque, in A’saley area.

An explosion device placed nearby Al-Andalous hospital of Kafr Sousa area gets dismantled.

Habib Habib who is known for his loyalty to the government dies in a car accident on Al-Mazzeh highway; activists say the car that hit him had a fake license plate.

The funeral of Osama Ahmad Sha’ban, from the opposition, initiates from Al-Mazzeh Al-Kabeer mosque; he had died last night due to his serious injury from the shooting in Al-Moustafa neighborhood.

A pro-government gathering takes place in Al-Mazzeh neighborhood.

The journalist Mazen Darwesh, who is known for his opposition to the government, gets arrested.

General Assembly of the United Nations adopts a resolution with a majority of 137 votes and 12 votes in opposition, condemning what they called "repression in Syria."


An anti-government gathering in Al-Shekh Maksud Neighborhood estimated by tens of people Call for support of other cities and for freedom.