Opposition website pages broadcast a videoshows a person surrounded by gunmen proclaiming to be Captain Wasel Ayoub; he announces his dissent from the Syrian Army and enrolment to the Free Army Militia; activists say that the recording shows that the captain was handcuffed and forced to do so.

Armed rebels kill Basheer Ryad Al-Darouish’s family, contains 6 members, in Al-Arman Al-Janoubi neighborhood.

A civilian’s dead body was found in front of his house last night in Janoub Al-Mala’ab neighborhood.

Armed rebels assaulted the Syrian Commercial Bank’s employees last night, killed Maher Tala’t and injured Yahya Al-Saleh.

Clashed between the security force and insurgents take place in Al-Nazheen, A’shyra, Baba Amr , Al-Bayyada, Bab Todmour and Bab Al-Sbaa’ neighborhood which led to the death of Ahmad Da’oul who is , according to activists, a leader of a battalion of the Free Army Militia.

Armed rebels fire on a car nearby Al-Rastan Bridge resulting in the injury of Molham Hawa and his siter Nasreen.

Insurgents attack a building belongs to Al-Baath party located in Al-Hamedia neighborhood and clash with the security force.

Armed rebels attack the building of the Artesian Well and steal everything in it.

Insurgents’ spread appears in Talkalakh, Al-Rastan and Al-Ksair areas of Homs countryside; also in Al-Nazheen and Al-Khaldia neighborhoods.

Calling for jihad is heard in Job Al-Jandali, Al-Fakhoura and A’shyra neighborhoods.

An evening anti-government gatheringoccurs in Bab Al-Turkman neighbohood; other ones occur in Al-Kossour neighborhood and in Al-Hawla area of Homs countryside.

A civilian dies in Wadi Al-Sayeh neighborhood by a spiners’ shooting.

Armed rebels attack a number of security checkpoints in different areas of the city which led to the death of 8 security men.

A number of civilian die from the shooting by armed rebels in Al-Rastan main road located in Homs countryside.

120 people get released in Baba Amr neighborhood after they were kidnapped by armed rebels.

Armed group fight each other over leadership which leads to the death of some of them.

3 gunmen from foreign nationalities get injured in Baba Amr neighborhood.

A number of insurgents get killed in a tunnel found in Baba Amr neighborhood.

Anti-government activists broadcast a videoof the Free Army Militia attacking a security checkpoint located in Bostan Al-Dewan neighborhood.

The civilian Emad A.D is killed by insurgents in Al-Hosen town of Homs countryside.

The civilian Ahmad A’rous, who is from Akrama neighborhood and known for his loyalty to the government, gets kidnapped in Al-Midan neighborhood by armed rebels.

Gunmen driving SUV cars shoot on security checkpoint and residential buildings in Al-Shammas neighborhood.

Armed rebels build checkpoints on Al-Hosen village’s exit on the way to Al-Nasera and Al-Hwash villages and prevent the civilians from passing by random shooting.


Insurgents shoot on the security force which led to the death of 2 security men in Bsankoul village and the death of a third one nearby the Electricity Department of Edlib.

Anti-government demonstrations occur in Sarmeen and Kafr nobl villages of Edlib countryside.

Shooting occurs in Al-Janoubi neighborhood in Marat Al-Nouman area of Edlib countryside; clashes between the security force and insurgents lead to the death of Mohammad Abd Allah Al-Debey with another person and the injury of 12 others.

6 security men get released after they were kidnapped by armed rebels; 15 insurgents get killed on the international highway.

Insurgents tried to sneak in Syria from Turkey through Al-Hasania village of Edlib countryside get arrested and news on the death of some of them.

Clashes between insurgents and the security force lead to the death of 15 insurgents, one of them is Abo Mahey Al-Homsi, and the arrest of 20 others; weapons and bombs are seized in Koureen village of Edlib countryside.

A bombing device placed in a security vehicle by armed rebels explodes on Areha roundabout and results in the death of 3 security men and the injury of 8 others; 3 other devices are dismantled in Jeser Al-Shoghour area; another device placed in the southern entrance of the city explodes resulting in the death of 3 security men and the injury of 7 others.

5 armed rebels possessing 1500 electricity meters stolen from Al-Naireb electricity branch of Edlib countryside get arrested.

Mohammad Hasan Al-Shawa gets arrested in Haish village of Edlib countryside under the charges of participating in unlicensed demonstrations.

Armed rebels driving 2 cars without license plates tried to attack Harem area last night and then clashes with the security force.

7 unidentified dead bodies were found in Knainat village and were transferred to Al-Watani hospital of Edlib.

Gunmen released the security man Mohammad Alaa Al-Deen last night after he was kidnapped on Bebla road.


The Free Army Militia announces attacking Mharda security unit and kidnapping its director and another worker, attacking the political security unit in Al-Skailbia of Hama countryside and killing 9 security men.

3 explosion devices, placed on Jeser Al-Shoghour – Masyaf road nearby Jrada village, are dismantled.

2 policemen get killed and a third one gets wounded due to the shooting and the hand bombs thrown on the police station of Mharda area of Hama countryside; an explosion device is dismantled nearby the station.

The Health Department denies any deaths of children in Hama or Hama countryside’s hospitals due to power outages stating that every hospital is equipped with electricity generators.

Deir Al-Zour

Clashes between the security force and armed rebels take place in Al-Khareta town of Daer Al-Zour countryside and result in the death of 6 rebels and the arrest of 3 others with their weapons.

Anti-government activists talk about a raid takes place in Al-Kouriah town: a number of people get arrested in the same town under the charges of organizing unlicensed demonstrations.

Funerals ofanti-government Hsain Al-Ali, Belal Al-Dairy, Abd Al-Hameed Al-Mohammad, Mohammad Al-Khalaf and Khalil Al-Salem take place in Al-Khareta village.

An anti-government gathering estimated by 150 people occurs in Al-Takaya Street.

An evening anti-government gathering takes place in Al-Jbailiah neighborhood.


Clashes between the Syrian Army and the Free Army Militia take place nearby Al-Sad road checkpoint located in Dara’a Al-Mhatta.

Ali Msalmah, from the opposition, dies in Al-Sad road located in Dara’a Al-Mhatta.

Armed rebels attack the security checkpoint located in Mokhayam Al-Nazheen area killing 4 security men and injuring 5 others.

An anti-government gathering occurs in Othman village of Dara’a countryside.

Damascus Countryside

A women’s anti-government sit-in estimated by 25 women occurs in front of the Industrial Bank of Daraya area and demands the release of detainees.

Shooting and armed clashes take place in Al-Hamam, Sharedey square and Al-Tourbah areas in Daraya.

A massive explosion is heard in Douma area.

An anti-government waves the mandate flag in Douma area.

Weapons are seized in Kara area.


A bombing device placed in Jeser Al-Haj area under a mandate flag explodes and kill 3 people one of them is a policeman who was trying to put down the flag.

Students’ demonstrations occur in front the faculty of Agriculture, estimated by 200 people, in front of the Faculty of Science, estimated by 70 people and in front of the Faculty of Medicine estimated by 100 people.

300 lawyers’ sit-in take place in front of the Justice Court of Aleppo and chant for martyrs and the other Syrian cities.

A sound bomb is heard behind Hanano police station; no damages recorded.


A small bombing device placed by unknowns under a civilian car explodes in Al-Mazzeh area; only material damages recorded.

A sound bomb is heard in Al-Tajheez area nearby the Four Season hotel.

The Iraqi authorities arrest Waled Khalid Ali, who is the leader of “Ansar Al-Sunni” army after he had tried to illegally enter the Iraqi borders coming from Syria.

Funerals of 16 soldiers and security men initiate from Tashreen and Zahi Al-Azrak military hospitals in Damascus and Lattakia.

Opposition website pages broadcast a videoof rebels waving the mandate flag and cutting off the road with burning tires in Nahr Aysha area.

An anti-government gathering occurs in Al-Hajar Al-Aswad neighborhood.


Activists: dispute over leadership between 2 armed groups from Al-Hosen and Al-Zarah areas leads to clashes between them killing and wounding a number of them.