The Syrian Red Crescent Organization enters Baba Amr neighborhood, rescues the wounded and transfers them to hospitals; foreign journalists still refuse to get any help the organization offering.

Rakkia Hsain’s body, she is from Talkalakh and loyal to the government, is found after she was kidnapped by unknowns 2 days ago.

Explosions are heard in Baba Amr, Jouret Al-Shayah, Al-Khaldia, Al-Karabees and Al-Bayada.

Anti-government activists talk about the death of Belal Hakkie on this morning in Al-Khaldia neighborhood, he is known for organizing unlicensed demonstrations in the neighborhood.

Abo Baker Al-Bekaa’y gets killed in Baba Amr neighborhood with 8 other people from different nationalities who pro-government activists described as armed radical Islamic group.

Clashes between the security force and armed rebels take place in Karm AlZeitoun, Al-Hamedia and Al-Souq neighborhoods; the Free Army Militia attack security checkpoints located in Al-Bayada neighborhood.

Activists: insurgents burn diesel tankers and tires on the buildings’ roofs of Wadi Al-Sayeh neighborhood.

Armed rebels shoot on cars, rob and burn stores in Al-Hamedia and Bostan Al-Dewan neighborhoods.

Armed rebels attack security checkpoints located in Bostan Al-Dewan, A’sheyra, Al-Khaldia, Hamam Al-Basha and Al-Hamedia neighborhoods resulting In the death of 8 security men.

Insurgents from “Al-Farouk” battalion surrender themselves in Baba Amr neighborhood.

Shouting “Allah Akbar” and calling for jihad are heard in Bab Todmour and Job Al-Jandali neighborhoods.

Evening anti-government gatherings occur in Bab Houd, Al-Kossour, Al-Khaldia, Al-Hawla and Al-Waer Al-Kadeem neighborhoods.

Opposition website pages post names of 25 people proclaimed to be killed in different areas of Homs and accusing the security force of their deaths.

The Free Army Militia videotapes a shooting operation on Al-Tarabolsey checkpoint which belongs to the Syrian Army.


Clashes between the Syrian Army and armed rebels take place in Ma’rzaf, Karm Al-Toun, Wadi Al-Hawat and Al-Majdal villages of Hama countryside resulting in the arrest of a number of rebels and their weapons.

2 dead bodies, 40 years old Abd Al-Aziz Bakr Al-Abd Allah’s body is one of them and the other is unidentified, are found in a farm located in Al-Sheer village of Mharda area in Hama countryside; blood spots are found in a farm guard’s room and a governmental vehicle gets stolen in the same area.

Anti-government gatherings take place in Al-Latamna village, estimated by 200 people, in Ma’rdes village, Al-Hwash town, Kafrzeta and Taiba Al-Emam areas of Hama countryside.


Clashes between the security force and insurgents take place nearby Marat Masreen and Al-Mehrab roundabouts and result in the death of Captain Hsain Ali Mohammad, the death and injuries of insurgents and the capture of their weapons.

Soldier Yahya Al-Homsie dies from the armed rebels’ shooting in Al-Janoudia town located in Jeser Al-Shoghour area of Edlib countryside.

3 security men die due to an ambush set by gunmen nearby Al-Mastouma village of Edlib countryside.

Clashes between armed groups over a dispute take place nearby Kafrouma and Haish villages of Edlib countryside and result in the death of a child.

Clashes between the security force and armed rebels took place nearby Al-Janoudia village last night and resulted in the death of 7 rebels, from them id Abd Allah Jarkas and Abd Al-Aziz Mardashley, and the injury of 12 others.

A bombing device placed in Ken Safra village explodes and results in the injury of 3 security men,

Clashes between the security force and insurgents take place in Afes area located in Sarakeb of Edlib countryside and result in the death of 20 insurgents and the arrest of 7 others.

Armed group attacks a security checkpoint nearby Al-Fallaheen gas station resulting in the death of 7 gunmen and the injury of a security man.

The Syrian Army clashes with radical Islamic group in Afes area of Sarakeb town resulting in the death of 20 gunmen and the arrest of 7 others.

Anti-government gatherings occur in many towns and villages located in Edlib, Edlib countryside, Al-Zaweya Mountain, Marat Al-Nouman, Jeser Al-Shoghour and Jerjanaz.


Activists: explosions and shooting are heard in Tareek Al-Sad and Dara’a Al-Balad areas on this morning.

A video shows 2 people surrounded by 50 gunmen proclaiming that they are Captain Eyad Kaddour and Captain Khalid Fathallah and announcing the formation of “Al-Mhajreen and Al-Ansar” battalion of the Free Army Militia.

Anti-government gatherings occur in Al-Soura village, estimated by 250 people, and in Al-Harak area of Dara’a countryside.

A bombing device placed in Mokhayam Al-Nazheen area of Dara’a explodes and results in the death of a woman. The injury of 4 kids and the burning of security vehicles; the Free Army Militia announces the explosion.

4 explosion devicesm, prepared to bomb a gas pipeline connect A’zer gas station and Al-Maiadeen village, are found.

Clashed between the security force and the Free Army Militia take place in Tafas town.

Opposition website pages broadcast a video shows gunmen with security men’s dead bodies and police cars.
An anti-government gathering takes place In Al-Na’iemah town; shooting is heard in La’alma town.

The so-called “Tansekiat Dara’a” Facebook page posts 5 names of dead people and accuses the security force of their deaths.

Damascus Countryside

SANA: Insurgents surrender themselves to the Syrian authorities in Sarghaya, Madaya and Al-Zabadani areas.

The official Syrian TV channel broadcasts photos of engineering units dismantling explosion devices in Douma.

Anti-government gathering occur in Joubar and Harasta; an evening one occurs in Al-Zabadani and activists talk about an anti-government gathering happens in Al-Tal and gets dispersed by firing tear gas on it.

Basher Masa’oud gets arrested in Jdaidat Artouz area; Hakmat Kardouj gets arrested in Al-Ma’damiah town without specific reasons.


An anti-government gathering occurs in Al-Midan neighborhood.

Anti-government activists talk about a security spread appears in Mashrou’ Dommar area on this morning; news on the arrest many wanted people in the area.

Funerals of 21 soldiers initiate from Tashereen hospital in Damascus and Lattakia hospitals.

Pro-government activists call for pro-government rallies tomorrow since it is the day to vote for the draft constitution.

Pro-government activists videotape a number of streets and neighborhoods (such as Al-Marjeh squarem Al-Mazzeh highway,Al-Bahsa area,Al-Hamra Street and Jdaidat Artouz) in Damascus and state that life is calm and normal in Damascus.

Deir Al-Zour

A number of people get arrested in Al-Kouria area under the charges of participating in unlicensed demonstrations.

Anti-government gathering occurs in Al-A’refey neighborhood; others occur in Al-Jbailieh and Al-Hamedia neighborhoods, in Hasan Tah Street and Al-Kouria area; shooting is heard in Al-Takaya Street.


Ahmad Abyad’s funeral takes place in Saif Al-Doula neighborhood and turns into an anti-government demonstration.

A group of people who tried to burn cars in Al-Forkan neighborhood get arrested.

Omar Kasem and Ahmad Kasem’s funerals take place in Ekhtareen town and turn into anti-government demonstrations.

Anti-government gatherings occur in Al-Sakhour, Al-Marjieh and Salah Al-Deen neighborhoods; others occur in Al-Bab and Bazaa’a towns of Aleppo outskirt and anti-government activists talk about shooting happens in E’zaz area.


15 equipments used in bombing are seized in a building located in Shraiteh residential area of Lattakia.


An explosion device placed on Tartous - Banyas road gets dismantled.


An anti-government gathering occurs in Al-Aziziah neighborhood.