International affairs

The Iranian people and the message of the resistance through the polls

The Iranian scene revealed by the crowds of voters during the legislative elections carried a clear and strong message to the entire world, after the Iranian authorities supervising the elections were forced to extend the electoral process until before midnight due to the huge turnout to the polling centers, which strongly reflected the extent of the Iranian people’s determination to resist the colonial pressures and Israeli threats to launch war on Iran. Whoever followed the course of the Iranian legislative elections could not help but notice the great signs which generated a real impression about the Iranians’ rallying around the insistence on the issuance of a resistance message against all the Western colonial powers and against Israel.
Millions marched to the polling centers and the open democratic competition between the lists proceeded smoothly and without any tensions, thus reflecting the civilized character of the Iranian people and the superiority of the Islamic presidential regime that is governed by the rotation of power based on popular will. Candidates and voters from all directions practiced their constitutional rights freely and came out in front of the international and local media outlets to stress the consensus over the resistance against the pressures, the threats and the sanctions and their determination to thwart the colonial attack targeting their country whose scientific and technological progress under the Islamic republic brings them great pride.
The Iranian scene during the elections was truly one of resistance and democracy reflecting the failure and collapse of the repeated attempts – since the victory of the Islamic revolution in Iran under the command of Imam Khomeini- to break the Iranian liberation and independence will and subjugate the country. Tehran’s message to Washington and Tel Aviv is strong and resounding, saying that a pluralistic and democratic regime based on Iran’s cultural, historical, and civilizational reality is that of the Islamic Republic, whose will cannot be broken by any power around the world as it relies on the support and loyalty of millions in a way that is rarely matched by any other political regime around the world.
Tehran’s message is saying to Israel, the United States and all the Western governments that millions of Iranians are willing to resist and sacrifice in order to defend their country and the accomplishments of their revolution, which – thanks to the sacrifices of the people - gained a great momentum which allowed it to secure great accomplishments on the scientific and technological levels and in building a defense system and an economic structure qualifying it to enter the club of the regional and international superpowers. This popular choice, regardless of the outcome of the Iranian elections, remains the strongest and the most important because the United States, Israel and the West are targeting Iran at the level of two axes constituting the core of the popular loyalty revealed by the elections. The Iranian nuclear project is a revolutionary scientific and technical project to which Iran’s industrial, civilizational and scientific progress is linked. As to Iran’s positions towards Israel’s existence, the Palestinian cause and its support of the resistance forces and Syria, they are also stable principles. All the Iranians are looking forward to seeing their country playing a role in the region, while considering that Israel is the main threat and obstacle facing the rise of any new regional superpower.

Arab affairs

Syria rising and achieving victory

The accomplishment secured by the Syrian national state politically and on the field reveals the reality of the qualitative change affecting the balance of powers and the frailty of the Western-Gulf-Turkish colonial alliance managing the global war to destroy the Syrian strength.
Firstly, the victory of the national state over the armed and terrorist gangs is the general framework governing the facts on the field, while the Baba Amr battle which was described by the scattered and conflicting opposition movements and their supporter Mr. Walid Jumblatt as being Stalingrad, is a mere event in a series of events which will be seen on the Syrian territories during the next few weeks, in light of the national state’s move to reinstate stability, topple the strongholds of the armed men, pursue the fleeing and defeated remnants and handle them on the security level. The determination of the deadline of the security accomplishments which will allow the full reinstatement of stability might require pieces of information which are only known by the military leaders. Nonetheless, the weapons and funds allocated to destroy Syria force us to conclude that this will require quite some time in light of the strict instructions issued by President Bashar al-Assad to the military and security leaders not to cause any losses in the ranks of the innocent civilians and to proceed with the military and security handling on the ground via well-studied surgical operations. This decision was behind the delay in Baba Amr and that process is still ongoing in many Syrian provinces.

Secondly, the accomplishment of the new constitution and the success of the new referendum which revealed the rallying of a vast popular majority around the national state, its president, its army and the reformatory program that crossed a turning point in Syria’s modern history, gave great momentum to the Syrian national state and allowed it to proceed along the two courses on which president Al-Assad insisted, i.e. the imposition of stability and liquidation of the pits of terrorism and rebellion in the country, and the commitment to the renewal of the national state, its structures and institutions following the upcoming legislative elections. Until then, there will be numerous steps to develop Syrian political action, whether through the licensing of new parties and media outlets or the Baath Party conference that will prepare it on the intellectual, cultural and organizational levels to enter the political competition during the new stage.

Thirdly, the American, Western and Gulf threats are still being issued against Syria and some of them are quite pathetic, namely Hamad Bin Jassem’s talk about placing all the options on the table in regard to the Syrian file, as though the mini state of Al-Udeid air base and Al-Jazeera could still do something following its exposed involvement in the implementation of the Israeli plan to destroy the Syrian strength. What the hostile alliance can do is actually waste additional weapons on the conflicting gangs and the agents that are fighting over the spoils, while the predicament which will face the capitals conspiring against Syria will be the inability to introduce these funds and weapons into the country as they will soon become spoils acquired by the Syrian state.

The western wager following the defeat of the armed gangs will remain focused on the economic and financial issues, which will require the Syrians to deploy a comprehensives resistance by relying on the national abilities and on the new and advanced partnerships around the world and in the region with the axis opposed to American hegemony and all its components. Syria that is rich with its wealth and capabilities and powerful with its partnerships and alliances with Russia, China, Latin America, Iran and Iraq is capable of overcoming the obstacles imposed by the colonial states to stop its growth, through new and drastic options to handle the problems and the symptoms that caused the recent crisis. During the next stage, it will go down in history that a resisting Arab leader defied a fierce international alliance and deterred the agents of the West within the Arab family while relying on the strength of the people, thus humiliating the colonialists and their wretched tails and paving the way before liberation and progress in the Arab countries.

News analysis

Ki-Moon and Al-Jaafari

Ban Ki-Moon was stuck in the face of Syrian Envoy Bashar al-Jaafari and did not have any answers to the questions. Does the talk about military inequality between the government and the opposition in Syria constitute a call to all the oppositions around the world to acquire a strength equaling that of the governments? Does the refusal to increase the militarization of the opposition in Syria constitute a legal permission for militarization without this increase? Does the presence of the symbol of international legitimacy in the Tunisia Conference that was held outside international legitimacy constitute a legitimization to it? The importance of what Al-Jaafari said stems from the fact that he confused the calculations of Ban Ki-Moon and those standing behind him. The predicament of those who wagered on the militarization of the opposition to allow it to stand fast in the face of the Syrian Arab army did not understand that the opposition kept Baba Amr under its control because the timing of the settlement had not yet come.

As to the predicament of the international intervention, it stems from the fact that the West fears military involvement and the armament of the opposition which would constitute half an involvement, as it knows about the formation of the opposition and its infiltration by Al-Qaeda. On the other hand, it wishes to use this opposition to pressure and deplete the Syrian state and to invest the Syrian fire in the electoral game of the superpowers, especially in France and America, which is why it does not dare support the dialogue efforts. As to the invention of the humanitarian contact, it constituted a fictive exit from the predicament. This is why Syria requested clarifications via Al-Jaafari by asking: Is Kofi Anan’s mission a political mediation in preparation for political dialogue to peacefully resolve the crisis?
Ban Ki-Moon will not answer that!

The Arab file


The international Jerusalem conference which was held in Doha called for the internalization of the file of the Judaization of Jerusalem and the establishment of an international committee at the level of the United Nations to investigate the measures which have been adopted by Israel since 1967 to Judaize the city. In the meantime, the raids continued on the Gaza Strip and the confiscation of the lands proceeded in the occupied West Bank. Moreover, the Israeli army stormed the headquarters of the Watan and Al-Qods television channels that are located in Ramallah, thus confiscating the main broadcast devices in them. This was revealed by officials in the two local channels.


On Friday, the Iranians intensively participated in the parliamentary elections and the electoral committee announced the extension of the polling for two extra hours, expressing “gratefulness and appreciation towards the enthusiastic participation of the Iranian people.” Guide of the Islamic Republic Ayatollah Ali Khamenei considered for his part that these elections were very important and served the country’s “security”.


Most of the Syrians participated in the referendum over the new draft constitution for the Syrian Arab Republic along with President Bashar al-Assad and the First Lady. Afterwards, President Al-Assad said in a statement: “The Syrian media is deploying great efforts and we are following the progress achieved by the Syrian Arab television and the Syrian Arab media outlets in general. However, comparisons are always being made between the Syrian media which is mainly an official media and the non-official media in other states. This comparison is inaccurate and non objective and cannot be made.” President Al-Assad added: “The attack to which Syria is subjected is a media attack but despite its importance, the media cannot overcome reality. They might be stronger in space but we are stronger on the ground and yet we wish to win on the ground and in space.”

Later on, President Al-Assad issued a decree to publish the new constitution approved by the people during the referendum in the Official Gazette and to have it enter in force starting 27-02-12. This was seen after the Interior Ministry announced the results of the referendum over the new constitution draft, one which approved by 89.4% of those who exercised their right and whose number amounted to 8.374.447 citizens. In other words, the percentage of participants in the referendum reached 57.4% out of the 14.589.954 people who are allowed to vote and reached the age of 18 after 01-01-12.

The members of the so-called Syrian National Council formed as dissident organization headed by Haitham al-Maleh. A statement by the group said: “Long and difficult months have been witnessed in Syria since the formation of the Syrian national council, without it reaching any satisfactory results and without it being able to activate its executive offices or adopt the demands of the revolutionaries on the domestic arena.”
And while the newspapers were preoccupied with the reports regarding the military settlement against the strongholds of the armed groups in the city of Homs, Dr. Jihad Makdessi, the spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, stated: “The Qatari and Saudi calls to arm the Syrian opposition are hostile to Syria and all those issuing such calls are politically responsible for the shedding of Syrian blood.” Regarding what was said about the presence of foreign intelligence elements in Homs, Makdessi assured: “Some elements from the intelligence apparatuses but also among individuals and groups are tampering with Syria’s security. I call on the journalists to believe what is being issued by the Syrian media outlets and the statements issued by the ministries of interior, defense and foreign affairs which are publishing confirmed reports.” Asked whether or not there were contacts in regard to what was said about the presence of foreign journalists in Homs and the transfer of one of them to Lebanon, Makdessi said: “These journalists snuck into Syria and some of them snuck out. What is confirmed is the exit of the British journalist which was said to be in Beirut and we have previously extended our condolences - for humanitarian reasons - following the death of the two other journalists. We hope that the members of the press would benefit from the official authorizations granted to the journalists in Syria in order for us to provide them with the necessary protection and offer advice when they enter areas that are not safe.”

Israeli file

The Israeli papers issued this week shed light on several issues, thus tackling the visit which will be conducted by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Washington next week, as well as the information confirming that Israel will not warn the United States or inform it in advance about its decision to attack the Iranian nuclear facilities, as it does not wish for Washington to be responsible in any way for such a decision. Sources thus stated to the Israeli papers under condition of anonymity that in case the Israeli officials were to decide to strike Iran, they will not inform the Americans to belittle the chances of seeing Washington accused of failing to prevent the Israeli attack.
On the other hand, the papers produced an internal document by the American intelligence company Straftor, saying that Russia conveyed to Israel codes which will assist it in case it were to decide to undertake a military action against the Iranian nuclear facilities, in exchange for the codes of the unmanned aircrafts sold by Israel to Georgia. In the meantime, the newspapers shed light on the warnings against the escalation of the violence in the West Bank in case the political stalemate at the level of the negotiations is sustained and against the escalation of the disputes between Washington and Tel Aviv, as well as the investigations with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the Bibi Tours case.

Lebanese affairs

News analysis


The journey back via the Lebanese smuggling roads adopted by Western journalists after the fall of Baba Amr, revealed the reality of the political Lebanese mischief in claiming to be committed to sovereignty and independence.
Firstly, each country in which the foreign embassies act as though above national sovereignty and authority is a country under tutelage, in which there is no independence, no sovereignty and no sovereign officials. All the Lebanese institutions were placed at the disposal of the French, British and Spanish embassies to evacuate nationals who were said to be journalists (God only knows if they are) and who snuck into Syria from Lebanon and then snuck out through Lebanon following the collapse of the gangs with which they came in and resided via facilitations offered by the intelligence apparatuses with which they work. They then left the Beirut Airport, no questions asked, after being treated in Lebanese hospitals. France, Britain and the United States treat Lebanon as a colony or a spy den used by these countries whether to target Syria or to target the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance movements to serve Israël.
Secondly, what happened at the level of the file of the smuggling of alleged journalists via Lebanon back and forth is shameful to the Lebanese state and all its institutions. But what is even more shameful is that no one from the Lebanese judiciary dared issue warrants to interrogate the infiltrators and ask them about the instigators, interferers and partners in the crime of sneaking across the uncontrolled Lebanese border that is placed at the service of the colonial Zionist plan to destroy Syria. All hell breaks loose whenever poor nationals from Egypt, Sudan or even Syria sneak into Lebanon in search for work, amid reports indicating that hundreds of them spend months in Lebanese prisons while awaiting their deportation after infiltrating Lebanon. And in the face of the weapons allegedly smuggled to the Lebanese resistance via the border, the thugs of the Lebanese regime were mobilized to place the Lebanese-Syrian border under observation, in order to deprive the resistance that is protecting the land, the people and the state from any capabilities that might reach it through the border to help it carry out its role in defending the country. These thugs are still occupying security and judicial positions and opening the border to the gangs of killing and terrorism that are crossing into Syria.
In the meantime, the near future will reveal to the Lebanese the gift which these thugs have prepared for them through the terrorist gangs that will be given pits on Lebanese soil following their defeated return from Syria. But who is carrying out accountability? Who is asking any questions? Who is opening investigations? And where are the president of the republic who is supposed to protect the constitution, the prime minister and all the ministers without any exception? There is one word to be said in the face of this decadence, the dodging of the responsibility and this cowardice that does not befit a country that defeated Israel when dealing with the Western, Haririst and Geageaist practices: Shame!

Lebanese file

Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri visited Cyprus upon an invitation from his Cypriot counterpart Yiannakis Omirou. Following his meeting with Omirou, Speaker Berri said that the talks focused on the oil and gas present in the sea, assuring: “The problem does not lie between Lebanon and Cyprus but between Lebanon and Israel. Our main fear is that Israel will exploit the tensions at the level of the Turkish issue to enter along this course and strip Lebanon of its right to more than 850 square kilometers into the sea.”
In the first government session, President of the Republic Michel Suleiman called for drawing the lessons “from the political crisis we have endured in the hope of paving the way before a new phase.” The president of the republic then responded to the statements recently attributed to the prime minister of the Israeli enemy, Benjamin Netanyahu, assuring in front of the Lebanese Diaspora in Bucharest that “Israel will not be on the map of openness and plurality because it is a racist state eliminating all the aspects of the other sects, at a time when Lebanon is growing more open.” He added: “Yesterday, the prime minister of the enemy reiterated that Lebanon’s president and officials did not know what they had. I tell him that whether or not we know, what is important is for him to know so that he does not attack Lebanon.”

On Sunday, Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah spoke during the Conference for the Proclamation of Jerusalem as the capital of the Palestinian and Muslim people. Sayyed Nasrallah said: “There are daily challenges that must be confronted, and I mean the defense of the Christian and Muslim sanctities in Jerusalem in the face of the attempts to Judaize the city. We must stand with great respect before the Islamic Republic which is confronting Israel and considers this to be a strategic and not a tactical option.” He assured on the other hand that if Iraq is able to get back on its feet, it could play a pivotal role in this confrontation.

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