Mohanad Al-Omar, a founder and a leader of “Al-Farouk” battalion of the Free Army Militia, dies during clashes between the Syrian Army and the battalion in Al-Soultania area; the Free Army Militia announces a “tactical withdraw” from the area.

Pro-government activists: “Al-Farouk” battalion of the Free Army Militia killed Sabbouh family, which contains 16 members, last night in Al-Soultania area.

Armed militia attacks a security checkpoint located in Job Al-Jandali neighborhood.

Activists: 15 gunmen who were hiding in a basement during the raid operations in Al-Soultania area get arrested; they have acknowledged the existence of genocide of 50 people who were kidnapped by armed militias.

A center that was used by gunmen, according to activists, to torture their victims is found in Joubar neighborhood.

Activists: families are returning to their houses in Baba Amr neighborhood after the clashes ended and the Syrian Army took control over the neighborhood; public properties’ repairing process continues.

The official TV channel: the fuel pipeline which armed rebels bombed nearby Baba Amr neighborhood is repaired.

2 unmanned crafts, monitoring cameras, anti-tank launchers, explosion devices and a factory used by insurgents to produce bombs were found last night in Baba Amr neighborhood.

5 people are wounded by sniper’s bullets nearby Fada’ous roundabout.

Insurgents highjack a vehicle belongs to Homs Refinery last night.

Genocide of 60 dead bodies and weapons buried under ground are found in a street of Baba Amr neighborhood.

Gunmen attack a vehicle belongs to Al-Baath University and kidnap the driver and his partner.

Evening anti-government gathering occurs in Bab Houd neighborhood and call for the execution of Borhan Ghalyoum.

Evening gatherings occur in Al-Kossour, Al-Khaldia and Al-Bayada neighborhoods.


A truck loaded with weapons and bombs is seized on Homs – Hama road; the driver and his partner get arrested.

25 barrels of engines’ oil, which were stolen from a consumer institution, are found in a farm located in Hama countryside.

Insurgents assassinated Dalal Farran last night, who works as an administrative office of the Women’s Union of Hama.

Evening anti-government gathering occurs on Aleppo road; others occur in Taibah Al-Emam, Al-Arbe’en and Janoub Al-Mala’ab neighborhoods.

Fayad A’yan gets arrested on the Lebanese – Syrian borders under the charges of illegally entering the Syrian lands.


Robbery of 100 gas cylinder, from storage, and agricultural mechanisms, from Al-Ma’ary farm, take place in Edlib.

An anti-government gathering estimated by 200 people occurs in Ma’aret Al-Na’san town of Edlib countryside.

Mohammad A’lwan and Hamid Al-Harami, who are from the opposition, are killed during clashes between the security force and armed rebels in Ma’rat Al-Nouman area.

Activists: 50 gunmen attack a police station located in Katma village and assaulted the policemen; others threaten the policemen work in Al-Dana station to kill them if they stay at work.

Armed rebels attack Al-Banen School located in Harem area, burn 3 classrooms and steal its equipments; others kidnap Mohammad A’adad, the director of Cultural Center in the area, and demand a ransom to release him.

6 workers from Kafraya village, 3 policemen from Khan Shekhoun, Haish and Jeser Al-Shoghour areas and 3 civilians from Al-Foua’a village are kidnapped.

Clashes between the Syrian Army and radical Islamic militias take place in Al-Zaweya Mountain and result in the death of 2 gunmen and the capture of their weapons.

Explosion devices, each weighs 50-70 kg, are dismantled in between Ehsim and Al-Barda towns in Al-Zaweya Mountain.

An evening anti-government gathering occurs in Sarmada town; others occur in Hazano, Al-Hbait, Kafr Nobl and Al-Tamana’a areas.

Mohammad A’lwan and Hamed Al-Haramie’s funeral turns into an anti-government gathering in Ma’rat Al-Nouman.

Shooting and explosions are heard in Khan Shekhoun area and activists talk about clashes between the Syrian Army and radical Islamic militias in the area.

Deir Al-Zour

Clashes between the security force and “Al-Ka’kaa’” battalion take place in Al-Kouria town.

Anti-government activists talk about a security spread appears in Ghazi neighborhood and the farms surrounding it after rumors on gunmen hiding in them.

Shooting is heard in Al-A’mmal and nearby Al-Moazafeen neighborhoods in Daer Al-Zour.

Anti-government activists: people get arrested in Touibeh neighborhood located in Albo Kamal area under the charges of organizing unlicensed demosntrations.


A video shows gunmen announce the formation of “king Abd Allah Bin Abd Al-Aziz Al Sa’oud” battalion.

16 military Attachés from Arab and foreign countries visit the wounded people in Tashreen Hospital and meet with the hospital’s administration.

An anti-government gathering of 20 peopleoccurs in a street leads to Al-Saidah Church located nearby Al-A’bbaseen square and pro-government activists broadcast a video of the same area minutes after the gathering ended.


Ahmad A’wad Mhameed is killed in Dara’a Al-Balad and anti-government activists accuse the security force of killing him.

Soldier Ra’fat Al-Zoghbie gets killed in Al-Harak area and pro-government activists accuse gunmen of killing him during clashes in the area.

The so-called “Tansikiat Dara’a” Facebook page posts 8 names of people accuse the security force of killing; pro-government activists say that these people are from armed militia that clashed with the Syrian Army in the city.

An anti-government gathering estimated by 100 people occurs in Tafas and Namer towns and waves slogans such as “people want to arm the Free Army Militia”.

Damascus Countryside

Naser Hamdan gets arrested in Al-Marafea’ neighborhood, located in Al-Ma’ddamia area, under no specific charges.

Insurgents cut off Kournish Al-Midan neighborhood with burning tires last night.

A bombing device exploded last night in Masaken Barzeh area.

Armed groups kidnap the retired Colonel Ahmad Sliman Al-Molhem from his house located in Jdaidet Artouz area of Damascus countryside


Dr. Zain Al-A’bdeen Issa’s dead body was found on Al-Msalmia – Aleppo road after he was kidnapped by gunmen last Sunday from Al-Khaldia neighborhood.

Masked insurgents kidnapped A’zam Masasatie , a businessman, last night from his house located in Al-Hamdania neighborhood.

Five armed insurgents get arrested after they tried to highjack a car in Aleppo; activists say these insurgents came from Aleppo outskirt.

An explosion device, weighs 500 g, placed in front of Mahmoud Khattab School located in Bestan Al-Basha area, gets dismantled.

Anti-government gatherings occur in Salah Al-Deen, Al-Sakhour neighborhoods and in Al-Bab road.


Funerals of Captain mohammad Badee’ Mahmoud and Captain A’mmar Sliman Deeb, who have died in Hama during clashes with armed militias, initiate from Zahi Azrak military hospital.