• As foreseen, the armed groups geographically dispersed are reassembling in the district of Idlib. It is not known whether their numbers will allow them to establish a stronghold similar to the Islamic Emirate of Baba Amr, but it seems unlikely. Georges Malbrunot of Le Figaro uses this opportunity to expound on the Sunni support of the Free "Syrian" Army and the Alawite opposition. This analytical framework is false, since the vast majority of Sunnis are opposed to their fringe extremists. However, it does suggest that the Free "Syrian" Army is indeed a faith-based organization.

Iran Daily reported the remarks of the Iranian ambassador in Paris, Ali Ahani, alluding to ongoing transfer of arms and mercenaries to Syria. His remarks was echoed by the Russian ambassador in Beirut, who referred specifically to 15 000 foreign fighters in Syria. The press also reports on the Wikileaks emails allegedly hacked from Startfor, which mention the presence of Western troops in Syria.

Photo of the day

This widely-reproduced cartoon by Al-Hayat signifies the inadequacy of the UN response to the Syrian crisis: UN tosses a buoy to drowning people, who must first inflate it. But who is drowning?

A new caricature in the Saudi Gazette shows a blood-feeding Bashar al-Assad. This time, the Syrian president’s legs have taken root and he is sprinkling them with blood. Paradoxically, the drawing acknowledges that the regime is set to endure.

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