The five general principles for the settlement of the Syrian crisis:
 end violence from all sides,
 introduce an impartial monitoring mechanism
 prevent external interference
 provide for unhindered delivery of humanitarian aid to all Syrians
 support the peace-making mission of U.N.-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan to initiate dialogue between the government and all opposition groups as defined by the terms of reference approved by the Secretary General of the Arab League.

The Independent on Sunday published a statement from the editor: "Enough is enough!." While affirming its support for the operation in Libya, The Independent points to the costly failure of British troops deployment in Afghanistan and Iraq. It calls for the cessation of doubtful military adventures and takes a strong stand against involvement in Syria.

• The Washington Post takes stock of the conflicting views and military options available to the United States in Syria. It concludes that the effort should be limited to providing intelligence and telecommunication facilities to the rebels.

• Tariq Alhomayed, editor-in-chief of Asharq Al-Awsat, discusses in The Arab Times the press conference of the Qatari Minister of Foreign Affairs in Cairo. Based on such lies, his conclusion is that the Russians are organizing a departure of President Bashar el-Assad similar to that of Yemen’s President Saleh.

• Egyptian analyst Mostafa Abdulmonen, who writes in the daily Al-Madina, reviews the position of the U.S. in the Saudi Gazette. According to him, since September 11, Washington’s policy in the Middle East has been framed on the basis of three principles: security of oil supply, security of Israel, control of the leaders of political Islam (therefore, it was not a question of fighting against al-Qaeda, but to control its leadership). The overthrow of the ultra secular President al-Assad would thus make sense in the context of weakening Iran’s Islamic leadership.

Photo of the day


Relayed by the media worldwide, this SANA shot shows al-Assad receiving Kofi Annan. In principle, the U.N.-Arab League envoy only came to assess the Syrian position, but here Annan is speaking as if he were formulating proposals. The Syrian President looks attentive, but on his guard. Photography is being used by the Atlanticist and Gulf media to infer that Bashar Assad is implacable.

Cartoons of the day

© Arab News

In Arab News, President Bashar al-Assad employs double language. On the one hand, he pretends to want peace, on the other he turns to weapons.

© The Saudi Gazette

In The Saudi Gazette, the UN mediator makes things worse by wanting to make them better. He pipe he patched up is spilling coffins.

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