Clashes between law enforcements and insurgents in Souk Al-Hashish in which several militants where killed and a number wounded.

Pro government activists say that a number of wanted individuals in Bab Essiba’ neighborhood last night and their weapons confiscated and that the Syrian Arab Army now controls the neighborhood.

Sporadic clashes between armed groups and law enforcements in Bab Tadmor an Al-Warsheh quarters.

Five law enforcement personnel killed in an attack on a checkpoint in Al-Sultania and three of the attackers are killed after another attack on Wadi Assayeh quarter checkpoint.

A mass grave is found in Al-Mreje park in Bab Essibaa and none of the bodies were identified.

39 dead bodies are found in Al-Rifai quarter, 19 of them form one family.

Violent clashes on the outskirts of Al-Khalidia quarter between Syrian Army units and Al-Farout faction of the Free Army militia.

Homs coordination committee says that 20 were killed today and only publishes seven names.


A booby trapped car explodes on Al-Jaize intersection killing a wound a number of civilians and policemen in addition to material damages in buildings nearby.

Two people killed and four others wounded when armed groups attacked a bridge in Dara’ city using explosive charges.

An antigovernment demonstration in Attaman village for 300 persons.

Evening protest in Assahwa area.

The funeral of Omar Abu nabout turns into an anti government protest.

Dara’ coordination committee publishes four names of people it say they were killed today by security forces.


State television says that the Syrian Arab Army fully controls Edlib city.

The dead body of Nizar Ahmad Asaloum in Ma’aret Enoman after he was kidnapped by armed militants several days ago.

Unknown gunmen attack the civil affair registration in Korknia town and Kafer Rohin municipality building and steal their contents.

Insurgents attack and steal the contents of a warehouse near Bensh town and others burn a public transportation bus in the city.

Three buried dead bodies are found near the automatic bakery in Edlib city.

Anti government demonstration in Sheikh Mostafa village in Edlib for around a 100 persons and another morning protest in Ma’arshorin town.

Seven explosive charges dismantled on the road between Kensafra and Yeleon villages in Azawia mountain.

Clashes between the Syrian Arab Army and militants who tried to cut off Ariha –Sarakeb road killing and wounding some of them.

The funeral of Ahmad Ibrahim in Anahel turns into a protest.

Protests in Kafer Takhareem, Haas and Sarmeen.

Sahkib Mostafa Gazal is arrested on a security checkpoint in Taftanaz for taking part in unlicensed demonstration.

Activists say that the military operation in Khan Sheikhon is still going on and speak of casualties in the process.


Violent clashes between law enforcements and insurgents in Janob alMalab and Al-Arbien quarters and Al-Hader area.

The military operation in KaletAl-Madiq are and new reports speak of killed and wounded persons in the process.

Protests in Kafernabodah and Kaferzita and opposition activists publish names of five people they say security forces killed.

Heavy shooting heard in Al-Hamidia quarter and a heavy deployment of security forces.

Opposition activists say that stores responded to the call for strikes in Souk Adabaga and march 15th street.


Funerals of seven army and police personnel from Tichreen military hospital.

Reuters say that a group called Jabhat Anosra claimed responsibility for the suicide bomings in Damascus last in retaliation to what they called "Syrian forces bombardment on Homs"

A joint prayer is held in Kerles church followed by a pro government rally for the rest of the souls of those killed in the sucide bomings last week.

Pro government activists say the city was relatively calm today and broadcast footages from Mezzem Kafersosehand Bagdad street.

Damascus Countryside

Hundreds of Kurds meet in Asabora are to celebrate Al-Nairoz holiday.

Heavy shooting and clashes in Harasta between armed militia and law enforcements.

Sshooting and explosion head in Duma and clashes in fields surrounding Harasta when security forces were pursuiting a number of militants there.

A booby-trapped car explodes near Adnan Al-Madni school in Barze leaving material damages.
Darya coordination committee announces what it called a tactical withdrawal for the Free army militia out of the town after clashes that lasted all night long. Ans security forces are deployed in the town.

A protest in Babila for anumber of women and two evening protests in Darya and Al-Hajar Al-Asoud.


A protest in Al-Ashrafia for hundred raising jurdish flags and riot police disperses another protest in Saladdin area.

Security forces are deployed heavily in Al-Azamia and Al-Kalaseh

Six people arrested in Al-Atareb, who activists say are wanted by security forces.