A number of wanted people (such as Adeeb Al-Hasan, Tahem Al-Hasan and Ziad Al-A’wad) surrendered themselves and their weapons to the Syrian authorities last night.

Armed rebels assassinated the judge Nather Al-A’li in Job Al-Jandali neighborhood.

Snipers get arrested in Fada’ous tower and Al-Zahraa neighborhood.

Gunmen kidnap the colonel A’dnan Kasem in Al-Rastan area.

Valerie Amos, the representative of the United Nation to Syria, visited Baba Amr neighborhood and did not enter the neighborhoods which are under the insurgents’ control yet.

Clashes between the Syrian Army and armed rebels take place in Bab Al-Sbaa’, Bab Al-Draib, Al-Fakhoura, job Al-Jandali, Al-Nazheen, Karm Al-Shami and Wadi Al-Saeh neighborhoods.

3 security men get injured from the insurgents’ shooting in Al-Ksair area of Homs countryside.

Armed insurgents are shooting randomly on cavilians in Al-A’dawia neighborhood resulting in the injury of a civilian; others are shooting in Al-A’bassia neighborhood which results in the injury of a civilian.

An armed attack on a security checkpoint takes place in Al-Karabees neighborhood and leads to the death of 4 gunmen and the injury of a security man.

Insurgents shoot in Al-Khaldia neighborhood resulting in the injury of a civilian.

An evening anti-government estimated by 200 people occurs in Al-Kossour neighborhood.

Gunmen, from the Free Army Militia, shoot randomly on the security force in Bab Al-Sbaa’ neighborhood.


Anti-government gatherings occur in Al-Tamana’a and Al-Tah towns, in Al-Hbait, Al-Ftaireh and Hass villages, and in Kafrouma and Ma’rzeta areas of Edlib countryside.

Armed rebels attack the animal fodder center of Sanjar area, located in Al-Ma’rra of Edlib countryside, and steal a large amount of cattle food; others attack the granary of Sinjar area and steal thousands tons of grian.

Clashes between the Syrian Army and gunmen take place nearby Edlib on the Syrian/Turkish borders resulting in the death of 45 people, the arrest of tens and the capture of weapons.

The Syrian TV channel broadcasts the confessions of A’mmar Abd Al-Rahman Al-Haj Ali who confess attacking security checkpoints and committing a number of genocide with other gunmen.

4 explosion devices placed by insurgents nearby the exit of Al-Tarnabeh town, located in Sarakeb area of Edlib countryside; clashes between the security force and armed rebels result in the arrest of 4 insurgents.

Activists: insurgents spread in Al-Foua’a village, Bab Al-Hawa, Harem and Al-Dana areas of Edlib countryside and cut off roads.

The civilian Zaher.M from Al-Ftairah village gets killed, Mohammad.S gets killed nearby the Spinning factory of Edlib, Mohammad.M dies due to his serious injuries from gunmen shooting, soldier Abd Al-Ahmad Al-A’edow’s dead body is found on the international highway and the civilian Eyad.Z is shot at by armed rebels and transfer to the hospital.

Al-Mara’yan bakery, located nearbt a security checkpoint, is booby-trapped.

Gunmen attack the eastern police station of Edlib followed by clashes with the security force.


An explosion is heard in Al-Mshaik village located in Hama countryside.

Gunmen targeted a vehicle with RPG shells last night nearby Shiezer town which led to the death of 6 people and the injury of 6 others.

10 wanted people got arrested in Al-Manakh neighborhood; weapons and military uniforms were seized with them.

Evening anti-government gathering estimated by 100 people occurs in Al-Hasniat neighborhood.

Unknowns shoot on shopping stores located in Al-Salamiah area and only material damages recorded.

A video shows a person surrounded by gunmen proclaims to be Office Rajab Kheder and announces his defection from the Syrian Army and forms “Zaid Ben Haretha” battalion of the Free Army Militia.

Activists: armed rebels attack Yousif Al-A’zmeh School, located in Al-Hamedia neighborhood, and burn it.

Clashes between the security force and insurgents take place in Taibah Al-Emam town resulting in the death of insurgents, the injury of others and the seize of Israeli-made weapons and RPG shells.


Activists: Hsain Ali Al-Nemer Al-Jabawie gets arrested on Dara’a – Damascus highway.

Damascus Countryside

Shooting is heard in Barzeh neighborhood and 8 people, who are accused by the Syrian authorities of attacking a security checkpint, get arrested in the neighborhood; pro-government activists talk about the seizing of a weapons’ cache in Basateen Barzeh.

Clashes between the security force and gunmen, who possess weapons and military uniforms, took place last night in Basateen Barzeh.

Anti-government activists talk about the arrest of wanted men in Al-Hama town on this morning.

A bombing device placed inside a store located in Al-Keswa area exploded last night and resulted in the injury of a person.

An anti-government gathering estimated by 30 people occurs in Al-Hajar Al-Aswad neighborhood.


Mohannad Al-Malla’s funeral takes place in Al-Mazzeh neighborhood and turns into an anti-government demonstration that was dispersed by the security force; activists talk about the arrest of number of people.

A video shows the Syrian Oil Minister’s assistant and announces his defection from the government.

A demonstration of 30 women occurs in Al-Mazraa’a neighborhood.


Activists: 2 explosions happened in A’zaz area of Aleppo outskirt.

A demonstration of 15 women occurs in Al-Farkan neighborhood.

Deir Al-Zour

A bombing device exploded last night in Al-Miadeen area and killed the person who was carrying it on his motorcycle.

Activists: 3 people get arrested in Al-Hwaika neighborhood.


A pro-government gathering occurs in Jablieh area and another one nearby Al-Zeraa’a roundabout.


105 guns and 27 rifles get seized and the smuggler get arrested in Tal Abiad area located by the Syrian/Turkish borders in Al-Raqqa countryside.


A tunnel (length: 12 M and Depth: 2.5 M) used to smuggle diesel is seized in Al-Nashwa Al-Gharbia neighborhood.