smokes are rising from many areas of Al-Khaldia, Al-Hamedia and Bab Houd neighborhoods; anti-government activists say that “these neighborhoods are being bombed” and pro-government activists say that “oppositions are burning tires in these neighborhood to give the delusion that they are being bombed”.

3 shells are fired on Homs’ old neighborhoods, Al-Hamedia and Al-Haidaria neighborhoods and pro-government activists accuse armed militias of firing them.

Armed rebels attack Kattena village, areas surrounding it and the security checkpoints.

Pro-government activists: armed rebels kidnap 5 civilians from many neighborhoods of the city.

Activists: a massive spread of “Al-Farouk” battalion appears in Job Al-Jarah neighborhood and the farms surrounding it.

The official TV channel: the Syrian Army is raiding insurgents in Al-Khaldia neighborhood; the security force seizes 15 stolen cars in Baba Amr, Al-Soultania and Joubar neighborhoods.

4 insurgents get killed and 13 security men get injured due to clashes in Al-Hashesh souq and Bab Al-Sbaa’ neighborhood.

Yaser Ramdoun and Abd l-Rahman Ramdoun’s dead bodies are found in Job Al-Jandali neighborhood and anti-government activists accuse the security force of killing them.

Clashes between the security force and insurgents take place in Al-Warsha and Bab Al-Draib neighborhoods and in Al-Hashesh souq which result in the death and the injury of security men and the capture of the insurgents’ weapons.

Injured soldiers, due to clashes with insurgents in Bab Al-Sbaa’ neighborhood, arrive to Al-Nahda and Al-Za’eem hospitals.

Explosion devices get dismantled and detonated in Wadi Al-A’rab, Al-Khaldia, Al-Safsafa and Al-Khaldia neighborhoods.

The so-called “Tansikiat Homs” Facebook page posts 5 names of people who it proclaims that the security force has killed.


Activists: the Syrian Army takes control over Sarakeb area after the armed militia withdrew from it.

Anti-government people: clashes between the Syrian Army and the Free Army militia take place in Areha area of Edlib countryside.

An anti-government gathering occurs in Kafr Nobl town and pro-government activists deny the news that the town has been bombed.

An anti-government gathering estimated by 200 people occurs in Haish area.

SANA: 2 people got killed yesterday while placing a bombing device on the main road nearby Sarakeb area.

SANA: 7 explosion devices placed by armed rebels between Ehsom area and Mara’yan village, located in Al-Zaweya Mountain of Edlib countryside, get dismantled.

4 undefined dead bodies were found last night in Ma’rat Al-Nouman area, one of them belongs to a Syrian soldier.

Armed rebels kill the citizen Mahmoud Al-Debs and his 2 sons while burning a farm located in Kafraya village.

4 armed rebels try to kidnap a child nearby Salkeen area of Edlib countryside and clashes with the security force thwart the attempt.

Insurgents attack Msaibeen farms, located in Edlib countryside, which kill 2 security men.

A civilian is kidnapped nearby Kafr Najid Brdige, located in Areha area of Edlib countryside, and the money he had on gets stolen.

Explosion devices get detonated in a number of houses in Edlib since it was difficult to dismantle due to the narrow rooms there were placed in.

Clashes take place in Edlib and result in the death of insurgents (Hakam Khattab, who is a militia leader, Mahmoud Rehawey, Maher Waleed Al-Sarfey, Abd Al-Ra’ouf Bareesh and Zakaria Al-A’li), the death of a security man and the injury of insurgents and 3 security men.

A bombing device explodes by a vehicle of the security force, in Kharbat Beet Al-Ras village located in Al-Ghab of Edlib countryside, resulting in the injury of a Captain and 2 security men.


SANA: 6 barrels of explosives were placed by armed rebels under Najeeh Bridge, located on Dara’a highway, get dismantled.

Media reports: the American Black Water Company is training 800 Syrians in training centers located in Jordan.

Demonstrations occur in areas of Dara’a Al-Balad and andti-government activists say that the Syrian Army surrounds Nawa area.

Clashes between the security force and armed rebels take place in Nawa area and result in the death of 6 rebels, one of them is Mohammad Shokrey Sharaf, and the capture of their weapons; 2 security men also get killed and a third one gets injured.

Clashes between the Syrian Army and gunmen took place in Kafr Shams town and resulted in the death of 3 gunmen and the arrest of others with their weapons.

Clashes between the security force and gunmen take place in Basra Al-Hareer town.

Students’ demonstration occurs in the Faculty of Economics located in Dara’a Al-Mhatta; other demonstrations occur in Al-Nahta and Al-Mlaiha Al-Gharbia villages of Dara’a countryside.
Eman Al-A’lloush’s funeral takes place in Al-Sanamain area and turns into an anti-government gathering accusing the security force of killing her.

Damascus Countryside

Armed rebels highjack a car belongs to the chairman of the City Council in Bebilla.

Unknown burn a real estate office located nearby Al-A’bbas mosque located in Masaken Barzeh area after stealing everything in it.

Activists: a booby-trapped car explodes in Basateen Barzeh area.

The international delegation of the Red Cross organization arrives to Douma area; an anti-government gathering occurs simultaneously with its arrival.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: an armed militia targeted a military security building and a state security building with RPG shells.

A security spread appears in Joubar area and evening demonstration takes place in Barzeh neighborhood.


Unknowns target a bus belongs to the security force in Al-Midan neighborhood which result in the injury of 11 security men.

Funerals of 18 soldiers and security men initiate from Tashreen, Al-Shourta and Zahi Azrak military hospital of Damascus and Lattakia.

A bombing device placed on Abo Al-Dhour Bridge on Damascus – Aleppo highway gets detonated.

An anti-government gathering occurs in a street of Al-Midan neighborhood.


Clashes between the security force and gunmen took place in A’zaz area last night and resulted in the death of 9 gunmen, the wanted A’emad Kanaj is one of them, and the injury of others.

Funerals of 6 security men and soldiers initiate from Tashreen and Halab military hospitals.

3 armed rebels highjack a car belongs to the Syrian Red Crescent organization- Aleppo branch while it was transferring the employees to the hospital.

A bombing device placed in a car got dismantled last night in Al-Haidaria area.

2 security men died last night during dismantling a bombing device placed in Tareek Al-Bab neighborhood.

Clashes take place on the Syrian/ Turkish borders after the attempt of hundreds of gunmen to enter Syria to A’zaz town of Aleppo outskirt.

The so-called “Aleppo News” pro-government website page: a bombing device is found inside a car parked in front the Farmer Union branch of Al-Shaikh Tah area and gets dismantled.

Students’ demonstrations occur in the Faculty of Literature and the Faculty of Literature of Aleppo University and uncertain news on the arrest of a number of students; another demonstration occurs in Rettan village.

Anti-government people talk about gunmen spread appears in A’zaz area.

An evening anti-government gathering occurs in Al-Sakhour and Al-Halak neighborhoods; Thaer Al-Dakis’ funeral in Al-Tawama town and Ameer A’ssaf’s funeral in Tal Rafa’at area turn into demonstrations.

An anti-government gathering occurs in Al-Soukarey neighborhood and gets dispersed by the security force.

Anti-government people say that the Free Army militia takes over a number of fuel tankers on Aleppo – Edlib road.

A pro-government gathering occurs in Salah Al-Deen roundabout and heads to Sa’d Allah Al-Jaberey square.


Majdi Zain Al-Deen Bakkour and A’waid Khalid Al-Hmaid get arrested under the charges of attacking the security checkpoints of Souran area last night.

Demonstrations occur in Al-Lataman and Kafr Nbouda villages of Hama countryside.

The so-called “Tansikiat Hama” Facebook page posts 6 names of people who it proclaims got killed in many areas of Hama and its countryside during the existence of the Syrian Army in them.

Aljazeera TV channel states that the Syrian Army is surrounding Al-Madeek castle while pro-government activists state that gunmen had centralized in it and fired mortar shells from it; clashes between gunmen and the Syrian Army continue.

Deir Al-Zour

The gas pipeline coming from Al-Jebsa Gas Company to Homs was bombed nearby Be’r Al-Jouf area yesterday morning which resulted in the leaking of 700 thousands squared miters of gas.

Anti-government activists talk about the arrest of many people in Al-Takaya Street.

Clashes between the Syrian Army and insurgents take place in Al-Dahla area.

An anti-government gathering occurs in Al-Tayana village.
Evening anti-government gatherings occur in Al-Hamedia and Al-Jbailia neighborhoods and get aired on Aljazeera live.

Funerals of 5 victims occur in many areas of the city and turn into anti-government gatherings.


2 security men’s dead bodies are found nearby the Syrian/ Turkish borders in Nsaibeen area.

The anti-government activist Khalaf Al-Katna’s dead body is found in Al-Derbasia area and anti-government people accuse the security force of killing him.