Demonstrations occur in Al-Karabees, Bab Al-Draib, Al-Waer Al-Jadeed, Al-Khaldia and Al-Rafaa’ey neighborhoods; others occur in Talkalakh and Al-Hawla areas of Homs countryside for the so-called “loyalty for the Kurdish uprising” Friday.

Shooting and explosions are heard in Al-Hamedia neighborhood nearby the police station.

A civilian dies from insurgents’ shooting in A’sheyra neighborhood while they attacked a security checkpoint.

Armed rebels die and others get arrested during their attack on a security checkpoint located in Job Al-Jandali neighborhood.

Majid Moustafa A’ezaldeen dies in Al-Steen Street and anti-government activists accuse the security force of his death.

The child Malek Al-Aktaa’ died last night from gunmen’s shooting while he was on his way with his father on their way to their farm located on Todmour road.

Activists: families from Baba Amr neighborhood continue to return to their homes.

Clashes between the security force and armed rebels take place in Al-Nazheen, A’sheyra, Bab Todmour and Al-Marjeh neighborhoods resulting in the death of a security man and the injury of 10 others.

Insurgents spread in Al-Ksair area of Homs countryside.

Armed rebels get arrested in Al-Ksair area of Homs countryside and their weapons get seized.

Insurgents shoot in Al-Zahraa neighborhood resulting in the injury of 10 civilians.

A sniper in Job Al-Jandali neighborhood kills a 10 years old girl.

The Red Cross Organization continues to distribute aid in Abel and Al-Enshaat neighborhoods.

Evening anti-government gatherings occur in Al-Kossour and Al-Ghouta neighborhoods.


Clashes between the Syrian Army and armed rebels took place last night in the farms surrounding Taibah Al-Emam town of Hama countryside and resulted in the death of rebels and the arrest of others and their weapons.

A bombing device explodes in Abi Al-Fedaa’ suburb, nearby Ketaz mosque, and results the injury of 4 people.

Anti-government rallies occur in Karnaz area, estimated by 300 people, in Halfaya village, Mork and Hayaleen towns and in Kafr Nbouda village of Hama countryside; others occur in Al-Mashaa’, Al-Arba’een, Al-Sabounia and Al-Hamedia neighborhoods for the so-called “loyalty for the Kurdish uprising” Friday.


Anti-government demonstrations occur in Bansh town, Eskat village, Areha area of 400 people, Taftanaz area of 300 people and in Kafr Takhareem area of Edlib countryside.

Activists: armed rebels get arrested in the city while attempting to burn residential houses.

4 people get arrested for no specific reasons in Al-Laj village located in Al-Zaweya Mountain.

Gunmen kidnap the police officer Mohammad.T and ask for a ransom to release him; others kidnap Officer Mohammad Salah Al-A’del.

Gunmen shoot on 2 people; one of them is Officer Mohammad Al-A’bboud, nearby the international highway which results in the injury of Mohammad.

Unknowns highjack 2 trucks and steal money and 24 tons of plastic.

Gunmen destroyed last night an agriculture nursery belongs to productive forestation project of Sanjar area.

Security force pursue insurgents in Al-Najia and Al-Kastoun villages, located in Jeser Al-Shoghour of Edlib countryside, and arrest some of them; 10 explosion devices get dismantled in the area.

Clashes with armed rebels take place in Al-Mouzara village and Kouseen located in Shahshebo Mountain and result in the death of 23 rebels and the arrest of 35 others with their weapons.

Armed rebels get pursued in the farms, the caves and the villages of Al-Sahen, Eneb and Al-Bardiah located in Al-Rouj area.

Clashes with insurgents occur in Kafr Nobl area of Edlib countryside and result in the death of 2, the injury of 4 and the arrest of others and their weapons.

Deir Al-Zour

Anti-government rallies occur in Albo Kamal, Al-Tayana village and Al-Hamedia neighborhood for the so-called “loyalty for the Kurdish uprising” Friday.

Khalil Al-Bourdeney, who is believed to be the official spokesman of the Military Council of Daer Al-Zour, gets arrested.

Ahmad Daif Al-Thabeha gets arrested in Al-O’mmal neighborhood under the charges of organizing unlicensed demonstrations.

Clashes between the security force and insurgnets take place in Albo Kamal area.

Anti-government activists: clashes between the Syrian Army and the Free Army Militia occur in Mohasan area and news on causalities.


Anti-government gatherings occur in Al-Yarouda, estimated by 250 people, in Saida, estimated by 100 people, in Al-Sahwa village, estimated by 40 people, and in O’thman village of Dara’a countryside for the so-called “loyalty for the Kurdish uprising” Friday.

Clashes between the Syrian Army and insurgents take place nearby Al-Na’iemeh town located in Dara’a countryside and news on causalities.

Anti-government activists accuse the security force of killing O’mar Al-Zoughbie in Al-Msaifra town and Tayseer Yahya Da’bous in Al-Karek town.


Anti-government gatehrings, estimated by 50 people each, occur in Sa’eed Basha mosque located in Roukn Al-Deen neighborhood, in Zain Al-A’abdeen mosque located in Al-Midan neighborhood for the so-called “loyalty for the Kurdish uprising” Friday.

A pro-government gathering takes place in Al-Sabe Bahrat square for what pro-government activists called “victorious March in support of the reform process led by President Bashar Al-Assad and in support of the Syrian Army”.

Unknowns fired a smoke bomb last night in a street takes to Al-Sabe Bahrat square which caused traffic.

Mohammad Saraeyji dies this morning in Al-Jamalah area located in Kafr Sousa and activists blame it on the security force.

Damascus Countryside

Anti-government gatherings occur in Barzeh neighborhood and in Douma area; others occur in Al-Kaboun and Al-Kadam neighborhoods.

Shooting happened last night in Masraba town.

The so-called “Tansekiat Reef Demashq” Facebook page posts 16 names of people who it accuses the security force of arresting without specific charges.


Anti-government gatherings occur in Al-Bab and Manbej towns of Aleppo outskirt.

Anti-government gatherings occur in Al-Fardous, Al-Marjeh and Al-Sakhour neighborhoods; anti-government activists talk about the arrest of 3 people in Salah Al-Deen neighborhood under the charges of participating in unlicensed demonstrations.

An explosion happens in Al-Fardous neighborhood on this morning and no causalities recorded.


An anti-government gathering estimated by 300 people takes place in front of Al-Wahda mosque; another one estimated by 200 people takes place in Al-Darbasia area.

Unknowns attack the post office of Ras Al-Ein and the security force shoot in the air before the attackers escape.


“Allah Akbar” is heard coming from Houriah, Al-Fetahi and Al-Jaded mosques.

5 light-bombs exploded in Al-Skantoury, Al-Saidawy and Al-Raml Al-Janouby areas.

9 armed insurgents get arrested nearby Al-Zoubar village and activists state that these insurgents came from Edlib countryside.


Veterinarian O’thman Matar got arrested last night without specific reasons.

The Syrian authorities stop an attempt to smuggle weapons from Turkey through Tal Abiad area located on the Syrian/ Turkish borders in Al-Raqqa countryside.