Activists say that some families from Bab Al-Sbaa neighborhood are returning to their home after they have left them due to clashes happened in the neighborhood.

An explosion is heard in Al-Khaldia neighborhood.

The 5 Iranians who were kidnapped by armed rebels in Homs are liberalized and extradited to Turkey.

Clashes between the security men and insurgents take place in Al-A’rjoun and Al-Hmaidia villages.

Shells are fired on Al-Ghassania village and the farms surround it in Homs countryside resulting in the injury of civilian and material damages; 5 others are fired on Homs old neighborhoods which cause only material damages.

A number of armed rebels get arrested in Al-Rastan area of Homs countryside and their weapons are seized.

A sniper shots on a fire truck in Al-Maskouf souq and injures a fire man.

Clashes with gunmen take place in Al-Nazheen neighborhood and result in the injury of 3 security men; a burnt body is found in the same neighborhood.

Anas Hamat, a member of an armed militia, and Abd Al-Hameed A’wad are killed in Al-Ksair area and anti-government activists accuse the security force of killing them.

4 cars contain weapons were found last night in the city.


Belal Mazen Helal, Captain Ayman Nassar, policeman A’alan Al-Mahr, Captain Mohammad Abd Al-Kader Al-Satie and Captain Mohammad Kanjo from the Syrian Army and the security force are released after they were kidnapped by insurgents in Ma’rat Al-Nouman area.

80 people who have surrendered themselves are released in Sarakeb area after it was proven that they were not involved in murders according to SANA.

Mohammad Al-Dghaim gets arrested in Jarjanaz village located in Edlib countryside under the charges of organizing unlicensed demonstrations.

Demonstrations occur in Al-Tamana’a and Hazano villages located in Edlib countryside.

Bombing devices placed by armed rebels are dismantled in many residential neighborhoods.

Clashes between the Syrian Army and insurgents take place in Al-Ma’rra Al-Sharkey suburb and result in the death of one of the insurgents, Mahmoud Al-Ibrahim.

A video shows gunmen announcing the formation of “Alkesas Le Baba Amr” battalion in Al-Zaweya Mountain.


Funerals of 10 soldiers and security men, who have died during clashes in Aleppo, Edlib, Homs and Damascus, initiate from Tashreen and Halab military hospitals.

An evening anti-government gathering occurs in Al-Qaboun area.

Anti-government people wave the mandate flag over the Faculty of Agriculture.

A sound bomb is heard in Al-Zablatani neighborhood located nearby Al-Abbaseen square; no damages are recorded.

Damascus Countryside

Gunmen assassinated Colonel Tarek Mahmoud Al-Houshey in Joubar area last night.

Activists: clashes between the Syrian Army and gunmen take place in Daraya area on this morning.

A demonstration occurs in Daraya area.

Shooting is heard in Al-A’saley and Qatana areas.

3 people get arrested nearby Al-Khabourey exit located in Al-Hama area; the charges are undefined yet.


Armed rebels assassinate 2 Colonels of the Syrian army, Abd Al-Kareem Al-Raa’ey and Fouad Sha’ban, in Dawar Bab Al-Hadeed area.

Funeral of Anas Sammo takes place in Bab Al-Hadeed neighborhood and turns into an anti-government gathering; the mourners accuse the security force of killing him.

A students’ demonstration occurs in the Faculty of Electricity.

Explosions followed by shooting are heard in A’zaz area located in Aleppo outskirt.

Mohammad Khalasie and O’mar Barakat are released in Kafr Nouran village of Aleppo outskirt after they got arrested 2 weeks ago.


Gunmen targeted a car belongs to Wafaa’ Ibrahim Al-Bennie with a bombing device yesterday while she was on her way to work to a school located in Al-Sabounia neighborhood which wounded her.

Mahy Ali Asfar was shot dead by gunmen yesterday.

Unknowns highjack a car belongs to the Agriculture Bank of Souran area last night.


A students’ demonstration occurs in Namer town.

Activists talk about a security spread appears in Basr Al-Hareer area on this morning.


President Al-Assad visits Al-Kanawat village located in Al-Sweyda to give his Condolence for the death of Shailkh Ahmad Salman Al-Hejrey.


An anti-government gathering occurs in Al-A’waina neighborhood.